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L5R_horde ambush


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"We may be outnumbered...."
"No really?! I never would have guessed!"
"Both of you shut up and fight!"
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A fight to the end.
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this is awesome!!
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Whoa.. tottally badass!!! faved
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that some beautiful stuff :tears:
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15 years ago when Legend of the Five Rings began, we established that zombies only exist if a porcelain mask imbued with the Shadowlands taint was put on their faces. Hence why they all wear them. They're not out to eat, just to kill.
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i like that idea with thos masked zombie guys
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oh no run guys lol
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Nice job on the perspective!!
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zombies with mask? never thought they were that coordinated. great work with the lighting and feel of the characters.
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In L5R its the masks that animate the bodies. Without them they're just corpses.
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heh. so shatter the mask and they die? Interesting.
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yep that'll do it. Though parts of it can be cracked off and they'll still keep going. Gotta break it off completely. As you can see by the one on the left foreground.
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oh, that makes it scarier. eek. well, wouldn't be a challenge if they were easy now would it? really like this piece-you did nice work with the atmosphere and tension.
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This pic is awsome!
but...the links do not work.
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I love this. :-) It's like, masked-zombies VS samurai, haha. :hug:
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Love the gold on this picture - it's just so awesomely made ^^
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Awesome, as always!
But... links doesn't work...
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they are not japanese?
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dramatic lighting = love <3
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Oh yeah! Heads are gonna roll and hopefully one won't be mine! :o A great depiction of battle with those epic details we love! Superb piece!
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