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July 22, 2009
I think L5R_Daigotsu Zombie Recruiter by =chrisnfy85 speaks for itself. Very vibrant, very awesome.
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L5R_Daigotsu Zombie Recruiter


For futher information, check out on-------->[link] and [link]
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DREOART's avatar
omg this is so sick mommy please!!!!
GoldGat's avatar
Just stumbled upon your work, your sshits amazing man!
EnlightenedMadness's avatar
Reno-Awkward's avatar
wow just wow. love to be more constructive...
Hate to meet him in a dark alley! fav.
Shwann's avatar
VERY COOL! Love this version of a Samurai! :)

DJ Shwann ART CONTEST! ((1st Prize $300))
More Details Here: [link]
Henz0's avatar
:wow: im green with envy.
Very nice you did a excellent job!
Realm-Of-The-Shadows's avatar
now this is a coincidence!
(found you again from Pixiv)
BettyElgyn's avatar
oh...sorry for 2 comments =_=
Jodywisdom7's avatar
Just a studding and wonderfulness of art. It classic went never refreshing art. Grand job on the coloring and Great on the DD =)
BettyElgyn's avatar
Green&gold fire!Greit colors & emotions :D
BettyElgyn's avatar
Green & gold fire!Great colors & emotions :D
Pandemoniumswings's avatar
I love the green and orange-red together!
LordoftheBling-XXL's avatar
this is dope as hell. i need to get my ass into game design sooner rather than later!
Mr-Ripley's avatar
wraithdt's avatar
Wow congrats with the DD Chris. Great image!
chrisnfy85's avatar
hahahah!!!LOL~~~thanks man~~~~but still cant compare to DARREN THE RENDARAAAAA(renderer)~~~~LOL XD
FOXHenryFOX's avatar
that would make the most BADASS Yu-Gi-Oh card ever! sorry
Sparta211's avatar
Great work! I really like the background, and it looks great.
BReibeling's avatar
Holy shit! That's SICK!!!
Sacreddemon17's avatar
Wow that's so bad ass, i wish i had money to bribe you for a commission lol
MetroGaijin's avatar
Awesome job. ^_^

The Joker
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