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L5R_Bayushi Whatshisface

this is 1 of the card i did for L5R(LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS) last year.....somehow we r able to post it up to here u r!!!! :)


For futher information, check out on-------->[link] and [link]
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I really like the sketch! :la:
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Очень красиво нарисовано =)
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Holy shieee XD super well done!
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Watching another artist's creative process, even in the form of a rough sketch to finish, is always great!

This, along with everything else you touch, is made of win.
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excelent . . .
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Nice armor suit
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shear love!

this image is portrays such an amazing . . .
You know what, i cannot describe what I feel looking at this, that is how much awe i feel.
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VERY COOL! Love this version of a Samurai! :)

DJ Shwann ART CONTEST! ((1st Prize $300))
More Details Here: [link]
Incredible. Really nice. Also like the hair. :P
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Meu ficou muito maneiro!!!! Man this picture is so cool awesome!!!!
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Added to favourite
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wow awesome job =)
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WOW!! Very good!!!
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great rendering!
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body and face are kind of feminine... Didn't know it was male until I read the title. <<

But still a cool picture.
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oh my god!
great job! :headbang:
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Wow, somebody's been improving over their absence! ;)
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ssssss is Chingon eehh yeah! saludos!
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Very interesting to see the process from concept to finished product. :)
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Amazing work! I love the final product :)
I don't know why but i like the sketch more than the finished version...maybe his face?...the head is somehow smaller in the colored one isn't it?
well anyway...good job! :]
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