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Hymn of horror

All rights are reserved by Sony Online Entertainment, LLC
Official Website: [[link]]
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So this is what really happens when you hear ke$ha...
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This is quite an intense picture you have here, I love how the music notes in the background imply that music is strangling her; it gives a strange dimension to the work.
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dear Chrisnfy...!!!
This very expressive illustration is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
Oh lol didn't realize this one was Sony's well it's still good and i really love your Angel pic. [link]
Hey this is great stuff i like your work. You have real potential man. Make sure you keep creating art if you don't you may lose your talent. It happened to me I can't draw anymore or anything. I can only use my creativity to write now. :( but keep up the good work. I know good art when i see it :)
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She's in trouble ;)
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Fantastic, there's a real sense of peril here - well done!
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wow that's pretty bad ass o.O she's being attacked by bad music! haha :D really great job on the coloring though ^^
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Interesting. Did sonny online make a commission of you or is this for a sort of contest or entry?
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Love this artwork! it almost fit to any card game arts like MAGIC THE GATHERING! ^_^
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Great looking picture. Nice work.
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Great photo though seriously
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LOL Justin Beiber and Rhyanna will do that to you XD Oh they suck worse then a leech
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Thats so like Magic the Gathering
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Love this piece! I don't play the LoN card game on EQ2 but I do play EQ2! I enjoy browsing through the cards to look at the art. Really wonderful stuff! Darn Dirges and their evil songs. ;)
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Very cool
But do you mean "hymn" rather than "hymm"?
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haha!! ya!! lol!!
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Definitely an interesting concept... I'm impressed by the details in her clothing/skimpy armor.
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love the concept!!
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