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Kurt Cobain 1967-1994

By chrismund04
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"I didn't know Kurt... Such a beautiful flame never burns very long. The really brilliant flames seem to consume themselves, and then they're gone. Maybe Kurt was meant to be here long enough to put us on the right path." - Tom Petty

A4/catridgepaper/3H,F,3B,4B,9B/10hours?/cotton earbuds, charcoal/ ref: [link]

Nirvana's signature song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, was eventually awarded "anthem-of-a-generation" status the music media and, with it, Cobain rose as the reluctant "spokesman" for Generation X.

Any advice/opinions are apreciated, some alterations are possible [fixitive spray has not yet been applied, woo]
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His last thoughts: I'm Kurt fucking Cobain, and I don't fear death. Goodbye Frances and Courtney....I love you! I love you!!!

Not being offensive!!!!! Don't flame me!!!
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Hmmm, chu blend soft. It's funny how every one being that contributes in the ushering in of a new era of self-enlightenment and profundity either looks like some dirty, modern version of Jesus, or has the enlightened-more-than-just-an-ordinary-man-or-woman expression permanently plastered on their faces and souls.
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found this on Ioulaum's page. Gotta love the collectors....
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Vinod-A-RajagopalanProfessional Traditional Artist
this is brilliant :)
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where's this picture from?Yes!
It's that real.Awesome work!
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raduluchianProfessional Interface Designer
Hi there!

Your artwork has been featured in this article.

Best of wishes!
Radu L. (Sandman)
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jankowskijakub Photographer
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what tom petty said is what kurt felt
"its better to burn out then fade away"
& god its so true :(
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wagstar Writer
I remember the day I fell in love with Kurt Cobain.
This is epic.
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LaurazeeProfessional Traditional Artist
Kurt is definitely one of my favorites. I like the dramatic lighting in this one and how uncomfortable he looks in the spotlight. Well, most pictures of him come across like that. I did one years ago (can't find it) that was similar but had him screaming. I always identified with him, somehow. You've done an excellent job capturing the light and a very characteristic expression here.
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kurt!!! he is but a memory makes me sad..he is gorgeous and he is a legend..Very nice job...
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midgetonstiltsHobbyist General Artist
this is so nice! I love it!!!! wowowowowwow!!! how long did it take?
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TrIXInc Digital Artist
nice man....really nice. perfectly smooth shadings and control of contrast...kurt looks amazing strong here :)
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VisualPoetress Digital Artist
Amazing and beautiful likeness of him :)
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If you can apprechiate Narvana you can definately apprechiate this, it is emmackulant.
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Great drawing! Very real.
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chrismund04Professional Artist
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ilanya Traditional Artist
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This is amazing
I love Kurt. :)
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StonePhish17 Traditional Artist
kurt cobain was an awsome artist.... great music .. and u did a very good job on this drawing ... this is so going into my favs
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chrismund04Professional Artist
thanks very much man, i agree he was awesome, a legend
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StonePhish17 Traditional Artist
your very welcome hun and yes he was deffinently a legend
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omppuProfessional Digital Artist
beautiful...your'e really talented. the shading is so soft.....
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heyhouHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, amazing drawing! :shocked: :D
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