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HSCMW - Nietzsche

By chrismund04
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a crappy photo of one of my HSC art major work pieces.

this if an A3 graphite drawing on cartridge paper of noteworthy german philosopher (existentialist) Friedrich Nietzsche, he said "god is dead' pertaining to secularism in society (i think) and "will to power" refuting Darwin's postulate - "Will to live" and etc

reference used= a photo

interestingly he died at 44, and he went insane!
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Nietzsche died to complications from Syphilis, not his philosophy. "God is Dead" was a reference to the life denying, uncompelling God of German Lutheranism. The phrase is a psychological critique of Germany's Lutheranism. The "will to power" is a physiological postulate in contradistinction to Schopenhauer's counsel to "extinguish the will."

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Fantastic drawing. :)
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FUCKING HELL. That's bloody amazing! o_O!
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you're a talented bitch aren't you :) ?

i stress again, heavily too, I LOVE your drawingstyle/drawings/zomg