Zombie Dickheads 8-page preview!

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Hey everybody! I know you've all seen it in my gallery, but just in case you want to read it with greater ease, you can check out the preview on the Dickheads website here.

Things are really gearing up for the book's release in Oct.. I'll be posting more news on where people can get it soon!
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It didn't work for me.
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The reader might require a new version of Flash or something. But the pages in the Dickheads gallery here are the same as the preview, so if you couldn't read the Issuu reader, you can just read them here. I'm all about options!
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Which I checked out! Thanks very much sir!
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Yo. You gonna be sellin dis at NYC comic cons?
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Not gonna make it to NY, sadly. Did it the last three years and lost my ass. It's a purely financial decision, as I always have a good time when I'm in NY. I'll be doing the Great Allentown Comic Con in Nov., though, and I'll have copies of the book then.
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Yea the tables there even in artist ally are expensive. Been doing some risqé comic pages, so I used that company to get myself a professional pass. Otherwise even the price for even general admission is huge. I'll look into that convention, I can only ask so many days off work but may be able to do a 1 day, and my sister is out there too in PA.
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Fantastic work. Looking forward to a hard copy!
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Awesome! Can't wait to see it!
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