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Tyrannosaurus West-- The Chase

By ChrisMoreno
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Cover for Tyrannosaurus West from Silent Devil Productions
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Whoa, awesome :3
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hmm do i sense a fan of a little movie called valley of gwangi.....
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ChrisMorenoProfessional General Artist
Gwangi is awesome. We definitely talked about that flick when we were designing the characters and the action. I'm a big fan of time travel or time displacement stories.
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Glad to know theres still fans of classic monster movies like Gwangi around. I also like those types of stories as well since H.G. Wells classic the time machine is was one of my top scifi books ever created
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I stumbled across this in my search for dinosaur and cowboy related material, and I was wondering what ever happened to the comic this was for? Was it released? I can't find much info on the internet.
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ChrisMorenoProfessional General Artist
Didn't get much further than the development stage. But the Beranek Bros. are still shopping it around. I hear rumblings every so often, but nothing much more than that. It's a fun concept that I would have had a blast working on.
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Ah that must be why I can't find anything :) Sad to hear it bogged down and never got released though.
btw I hope you don't mind but I linked the image here ([link]) since I've made a tabletop skirmish game called Dinosaur Cowboys and the image was rather inspiring for it.
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next DLC for red dead redemption mayhap? =)
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ChrisMorenoProfessional General Artist
If it is, they better pay my ass!
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SpacerosesStudent Traditional Artist kinda like a dream I had once... O.o A dinosaur chasing cowboys who were first in a stage coach and then in a volvo. Don't ask....really...

The detail work here is great...I love the rocks crumbling off of the top of the canyon and the guy trying to ride, not hit the girl and still shoot at the monster all at the same time. That's a lot of action in one shot. Great work!
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Banrigh-FianHobbyist General Artist
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Greatest thing since JP
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generalrinhoangelHobbyist General Artist
wow, a t-rex in the west

the wild west was very dangerous...jaja
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Love the contrast.... and subject matter of course XD
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That is epic. Wow.
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Cool. So, is it sorta like dinosaurs never died out, or that a small population of them lived in the American West? Either way, I'm faving this.
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