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ROM, Spaceknight



This one was requested by a friend of mine. I'm pretty sure this officially makes it the first time anyone has requested anyone else draw ROM in 25 years.
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first of all let me reassure you there has been a countless amount of Rom fan and commission art that has turned up over the last 25 years. as to your piece here's what I think since you requested a critique. i like the line work you did on his armor and the back ground is cool too. but what i don't like is his head which looks kinda misshapen along with the ridiculously small size of his analyzer and neutralizer. Rom's neutrilizer is supposed to be the greatest weapon ever created by Galador and here it's small size tends to understate that to say the least. on a general note Rom is basically what King Arthur is to the knights of the Round Table or what Optimus Prime is to the Autobots and here you don't really get that "greatest of the spaceknights" feeling here. i think you're a better artist then this art work suggests, why it turned out the way it did may have had something to do with a lack of familiarity with the character?