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ROM, Spaceknight

This one was requested by a friend of mine. I'm pretty sure this officially makes it the first time anyone has requested anyone else draw ROM in 25 years.
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first of all let me reassure you there has been a countless amount of Rom fan and commission art that has turned up over the last 25 years. as to your piece here's what I think since you requested a critique. i like the line work you did on his armor and the back ground is cool too. but what i don't like is his head which looks kinda misshapen along with the ridiculously small size of his analyzer and neutralizer. Rom's neutrilizer is supposed to be the greatest weapon ever created by Galador and here it's small size tends to understate that to say the least. on a general note Rom is basically what King Arthur is to the knights of the Round Table or what Optimus Prime is to the Autobots and here you don't really get that "greatest of the spaceknights" feeling here. i think you're a better artist then this art work suggests, why it turned out the way it did may have had something to do with a lack of familiarity with the character?
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hahaha...  thank you for writing. Now that I know someone is paying attention, I kinda want to talk about the pic, because there was a lot that went into it.

Actually, I'm quite familiar with ROM. If we are to be very fair to the character the book was very good for what it was. Far better than it had any rights to be given the auspicious beginnings with the toy. I made the comment I made just to make fun of the friend of mine who requested it. He's a huge ROM fan. And I just felt like teasing him.

As to your specific critiques. The gun sizes I did on purpose. I actually don't like oversized guns unless the oversizedness is specifically part of the character (Cable, for instance). But ROM isn't about having a big gun. Making the weapons too big (to me) makes you pay attention to them instead of him. They're not even really guns.  The neutralizer is a scientific marvel that's true purpose is actually to teleport the victim away. So it shouldn't look too "gun like" to me. It should look like something that was intended to to be non-lethal but could still be confused with a gun. 

If you look at my recent superhero sketches, you'll probably pick up that I've been modifying the outfits and looks of the characters beyond what they traditional characters look like. The really obvious ones are my Brother Voodoo and Dr. Strange sketches, where I completely revamped their outfits. The changes to say Misty Knight or Thor are less obvious. In ROM's case, he's a cyborg, his body is what it is. So i didn't feel like it was really appropriate to change his look too much. If he had been invented today instead of in the 70s, he'd have all kinds of exposed circuitry and panels and stuff, sort of the way DC's New 52 Superman is all armored, and that would just be... I don't know... wrong to me. That said, I felt like making him boxier made him more robotic looking. I always felt like he was too curvy and sleek in the comics. Too much like the Silver Surfer. So i figured my boxing up his torso and head that made him look more like a robot (or a knight's suit of armor) and less like "a silver humanoid." Similarly, I chose to give him no neck, his head is just swiveling on top of the torso, which is what really makes him look really weird. Maybe too weird. I find it kind of disturbing when I look at him because of the neck. Which was my intention, but maybe it's too much. I was originally going to box up his arms too. But when I tried it, he just didn't look like ROM anymore. 

that said, it's not a perfect drawing Thank you for the compliments on my talent, but there are a few things I really don't like about it. I feel like his right arm is just not quite right. And as you can tell, I'm STILL wondering if I made the right choice leaving out the neck (i go back and forth). Another issue is probably that this was the very first thing I drew after upgrading from Manga Studio EX 4 to Manga Studio EX 5. So I was getting used to the tools. I felt more comfortable with them in the Misty Knight pic.

Thanks again for the words. I hope you enjoy the pic and my others. Always love to know what people think, so please feel free to share your thoughts on my other work here (or in my own comic at )
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you and your friend outta check out this Rom site