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So, here my view on the Spinoagte2014


Reconstructed after Ibrahim's skeleton plus Hartman/Headden's sail and Cau's neck. Taadaaa.
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I prefer to think of spinosaurus with skin more similar to that of crocodiles or bears.
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That's a creative idea, ChrisMasna. I remember imagining Spinosaurus making territorial grunts similar to hippos (as well as making croaks and squawks like a heron, only deeper and more resonant; as well as growls and hisses like an alligator or crocodile. The problem with glasses  I speculated that, because I remember learning about birds and crocodilians being descendants of bird hipped and lizard hipped dinosaurs. Even though birds are even more closely related to the lizard hipped ones like the theropods and sauropods).
Croco-ducks never existed.
But Dimetro-Hippo-Croco-ducks did!
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*people arguing whether Spino had scales or fluff
-Masna doesn't give a shit and gives it hippo skin

*people arguing whether to give Spino had long or short legs
-Masna gives it no legs, problem solved
B-) (Cool) 
I love this piece
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Woh, this is amazing!:clap: 
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Your art is awesome! 
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Pretty dope, man, I love it! Finally Spino being potrayed as an animals who needs to defend his river, a place worth fighting for!
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Wow! This is so freaking beast!
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Left Spinosaurus:I Want Tacos with Fish !!
Right Spinosaurus:I Want Tacos with Beef !!!
(-Meanwhle in the sky-)
Teriadactiles:I like how we can fly,And we don't argue :D
Teriadactiles 2: I know Right !!! Lets get some KFC :D
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This is one of my favorite dinosaurs :D
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Awesome Picture ! :O

True Predators ! :D
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You are Very Welcome ! :D
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Hey, I am making a documentary about Spinosaurus for a college film project, and I want to know, if this is your work, can I please have your permission to use it in the movie? I will give you credit, and I will not be making any money off of the piece of work. 
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Hi! Thanks for asking and sure, you can use it.
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Awesome! Reminds me of a pair of hippos squaring off against one another.
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Fantastic drawing! After the Spinosaurus reboot, it has become my favorite dinosaur. I hope we'll discover similar spinosaurids in the future.
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Yeah who knows, its two closest relatives Oxalaia and Irritator could have short legs, as both of their legs have not been found yet.
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