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"Therefore walking at guess she found the hill, which was
indeed close at hand, by the rising of the ground before her feet;
and slowly she climbed the path that led up from the east. And
as she climbed so the fog grew thinner, until she came at last out
into the sunlight on the bare summit. Then she stepped forward
and looked westward. And there right before her was the great
head of Glaurung, who had even then crept up from the other
side; and before she was aware her eyes had looked in the fell
spirit of his eyes, and they were terrible, being filled with the fell
spirit of Morgoth, his master.
Strong was the will and heart of Niënor, and she strove
against Glaurung; but he put forth his power against her. ‘What
seek you here?’ he said.
And constrained to answer she said: ‘I do but seek one
Túrin that dwelt here a while. But he is dead, maybe.’
‘I know not,’ said Glaurung. ‘He was left here to defend the
women and weaklings; but when I came he deserted them and
fled. A boaster but a craven, it seems. Why seek you such a
‘You lie,’ said Niënor. ‘The Children of Húrin at least are not
craven. We fear you not.’
Then Glaurung laughed, for so was Húrin’s daughter
revealed to his malice. ‘Then you are fools, both you and your
brother,’ said he. ‘And your boast shall be made vain. For I am
Then he drew her eyes into his, and her will swooned. And it
seemed to her that the sun sickened and all became dim about
her; and slowly a great darkness drew down on her and in that
darkness there was emptiness; she knew nothing, and heard
nothing, and remembered nothing.
-J.R.R. Tolkien

PS: This is not really how I imagined Glaurung when I read The Children of Húrin,
but I had to change some things of to make it look a bit more similar to the orginal, drawn by Tolkien:
Now is less interesting, but a bit more accurate.

Q: Why is Glaurung grey and not golden?
A: He is also described as "ashen-grey".

Q: She is facing West, he is facing East. The sunlight comes from the North...
A: I flipped the image, that's why.

Q: The name in the title is wrong. Why?
A: Fuck DeviantArt, it won't let me use the ¨ over the e in Niënor.

This makes a great wallpaper.

I will stop writing now. Have a nice day.
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Awesome. I love the shadows that Glaurung is emerging from into the light, a very nice metaphor for what he does to Nienor's mind, and his shining fiery eye-glow is beautiful. :) Also, I love the rows of spikes and spines you've put along Glaurung's hide, and his overall komodo dragon-like appearance! :) Also, his crown of spikes on his head is very nice!! :)
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