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When God gives you lemons...

"When God gives you lemons... Go and peel a poor defenceless orange!"

My friend carved a sad face into his apple before eating it. I was holding an orange and pictured this in my head... HAD to do it! :D

I didn't actually have a title for this until I made the signature version shortly after. After putting the text on the signature I just decided to call it that... Couldn't think of anything else! (^_^')

This was done in Photoshop. The photo of the orange being peeled was taken by me, as was the screaming face. I look like a plank I know, but still! :D

So basically, 100% my own resources.
To anyone who who didn't quite gather that from the paragraph above *sigh* :la:

Also, special thanks to
for their request to feature my work! :la:

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HurpaDerpaTheKiller's avatar
This just made my day! :D
sadishappy's avatar
I have started my new blog with fruit photo manipulations and you have been featured. I hope in time, this will generate some exposure of your work and direct some traffic to your gallery.

If you object to being featured, please let me know and I will kindly remove it. Thank you.
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I really liked the idea great job
Shallon4000's avatar
That is so cool! :D
hert's avatar
At first I thought you ripped off the annoying orange series off youtube, however your artistry is much better. well done!
ChrisLoland's avatar
i wasnt even aware of the whole annoying orange thing when i made this
but i can see why youd think so :P
NigNag's avatar
Outstanding exceptional piece
Axel923's avatar
This is brilliant and very well done. I want to fave it, but I'm afraid it will scare me every time I see it.
Is it wrong that I laughed out loud? XD
sandjoy54's avatar
I love fruit/face manipulation. Great job!
Eat-Sith's avatar
I especially like the mouth. Nice job.
iandy7's avatar
lol! this is great! :worship:
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lol. i heard a familiar quote like this on a vid for Powerthirst! "when god gives you lemons, you FIND A NEW GOD!" lol!
IRISHWSDM's avatar
So clever and funny as heck!! Bravo!! :shamrock: :lmao:
rhirhi-naturalnut's avatar
Love the effect of this image :)
Zombie-Killer's avatar
"Hey! Hey apple!"
CollapseOfWinter's avatar
wow! that's fantastic! *-*
brethdesign's avatar
Well Done! Should be a DD! :)
ChrisLoland's avatar
haha i wouldnt go that far but ty
(feel free to suggest it ;P)
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