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DOOM Fan Art: Cyber Demon

Big fan of Doom as a kid and as a young adult. Excited to play the new one, but not a big fan of some of the new designs, including the cyberdemon, so I thought I'd take a stab. Might do another take, now that I'm loosened up a bit more, or I might do a Mancubus. Comments and critiques welcome!

Edit: Tweaked the gun and arm a bit and added some overall polish and lighting tweaks.
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Very cool version.
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How MANY hours spent on DooM   .... nostalgic mood on ;)
IDDQD      :D
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It's missing the glorious butt cheeks.
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everything is upgraded these days
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Best one so far! Revealed shoulder adds even more balance to the design, and legs are a killer! I think the simple robotic arm is perfect, as adding a more intricate and anatomically correct design might take away from the machine like look and take it into more organic direction. Its crudeness is fitting here. Gun could perhaps be worked out to have even more menacing look, but not to go make it too alien like. And you should definitely do a Mancubus!
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I can see your jazzed about the new doom too. I like the new look but i do think it's leaning more in the cartoony direction then a horror direction which i like but it does lack the scary intimidation factor that demons should have. Yours does the scary bit very well and I especially like the jaw it looks menacing. 
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