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Roundling Cursors - Both B+W

These cursors are totally free. Use them in anyway you wish, except for selling it to others. These are re-uploaded versions made by me ~celldrifter in 2008.

These 2 Roundling Cursor sets function where the CENTER of the cursor is the click point (think cross-hairs).

If you enjoyed these cursors, I encourage you to read the content found here. Enjoy!

Cursors made with Photoshop & RealWorld Cursor Editor
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I love your cursors, but the contrast is poor and I think the circles are too small - So i've made an inspired scheme; search for Roundling prism :)
Thanks for your work! Happy new year 2017!
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Thank you! look nice!
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Where the installer .-.
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There isn't one, you have to add them manually. I have no idea on how to create an installer for that.
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thanks so much chrislachance for share a nice cursor
have great day
bye bye
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:D i like it!
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how do i get the cursors, i don't know how's and these r really cool :(
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Just click the "Download File" under the "Favorites" button
when you're done, extract the zipped folder of the cursors into "Local Disk"-"Windows"-"Cursors"
after that, go to the Control Panel at the Start menu and click "Mouse" and use the settings for the cursor from the extracted files!
Hope this helped
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thanks, i owe you one
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Should just be .ani files you can add to your cursor folder in the windows folder. Let me know if that doesn't work.
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Thank you for re-uploaded, this is what I search for them! :eyepopping:
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No problem! Enjoy!
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Do you know where the [link] "Aero Cursors Premium" package could be found?
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Sorry for the interruption, I found it here: [link] :meow:
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I really like the black set. It's really cool on my dark desktop because of the glowing effect. I also find the color switch (normal to busy) very handy. I haven't used the white set so I cannot tell.
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Glad you like it. the white set was first, so it's not quite as good :)
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thanks so much
for share is a great job

happy new year 2011
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Thanks! I like your avatar by the way.
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I never thought one could create a cool cursor set out of circles, but this shows the opposite :thumbsup:

But I've detected some errors:
- A black spot at the white precision cursor
- The hot spot of the precision cursors isn't exactly at the dot in the middle but a pixel next to it
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Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into it.
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