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My wife's info :
Name : Susan Sakura fong ashura
Gender : female
Age:Human years:22 yrs old
Angel/phoenix years: since the jurassic or crustatious period.
Race/species : in human mode:half Chinese half Japanese
In celestial mode: phoenix folk
Hair:long silky smooth hair that flows from her head to her feet.
Hair color :redish brown, copper, but changes white and fire comes out of them when using the Lord's power. For comedy reasons,  her hair turns pink and flows up ward like fire when she fangirls.
Eyes : purple or violet in coloration,  and brown when in human mode. Are almond shade
Body type : slender in build, and has long limbs,  
Breast size:between b and c
Skin tone : pale
Height:same height as her husband
Weight:73 lbs
Ears:elven, long and pointed
Wings: on the out side:fire colors ( red, orange, and yellow )
On the inside:white with a purple spot on the tips
Of each feather on each wing.
Tail feathers :like the phoenix long and slender,  fire colors and has purple spot on each feather
Scaled feathers:golden on the rim,  blue in the center.
Tail length : 5'ft long
Personality :to best described susan's personality is orange. She like the color red( like siracha hot sauce) and is also like the color yellow (like honey) meaning she's strong, bold, , passionate, headstrong ,confident., but in balance doses,  is  a tsundere but is really deredere, and is kind, sweet, loving, humble, smart, wise , and compassionate.
religion : non religious,  but is a spiritualist
armor of God:her armor of God theme is the Spanish or Hispanic theme.
Abilities / talent : can use the Lord's power,  has the ability to shapeshift into a phoenix, is multi-talented, and can sing.
Fears : her fears used to be mirrors because she can't look at herself because she thinks she is cursed with vanity and constantly being accused as one of those fake girls or mean girls, which is why she wears a mask.
Role: angel of reason
Family:susan is the desendant of the Feng huang folk and the ho-oh folk.
Voice:her voice is best described as the violin when talking. When singing she sounds like the flute or the orcana.
Fighting styles : fencing, taichi, phoenix fighting style.
Elements : fire, light, and holy.
Favorite colors : sunset colors, and white.
Loves:God almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit,  manga , anime, art, reading, learning,  music, drawing, cosplay of fun, positivity,  loves to teach, love to help, loves to make friends,  and loves eqality, wholeness,  oneness,  peace, love, and togetherness.
Hates:bullying, animal cruelty, abuse of any kind , satanism,  luciferian,  illuminati, demons, hates discrimination,  racism,  ignorant people,  hates lies, Justin beiber , Miley Cyrus, and anything negative or vile(pornagraphy, war, violence,  bloodshed, etc.)


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Christian c morales ortiz
United States
I'm a Puerto Rican male who loves fantasy, anime manga, artwork, stories and mythology. I have autism and adhd, and I like to draw but unfortunately I don't have any equipment for the input of my artwork and I do things by phone so pardon me lol, and any who I can most definitely try to texted down some stories and hope they turn out ok


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