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It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I really think I should post an update every once in awhile and just talk about life and going-ons. I mean why not, that's what journals are for. 

Ok, Most recently Ama-con happened in Amarillo, TX. It was a huge turn out and I was pretty busy through out the whole show. It's one of those shows, I just wish I could pack up all my steampunk/furhead/comic friends and take them with me. It was out there pretty far north. That 8:30 hour drive wasn't that bad since I left in the middle of the night and drove all night. It was so pleasant and peaceful I enjoyed it. Everything ran perfectly when I hit Amarillo. Next time I should leave a day early so I could enjoy some time hanging out with the steampunk scene there. I did so well at that con it was unreal. 

My Steam pets portraits were well received. Unexpectedly my S-pets seemed to really strike a cord with, get this, Hetalia Fans. No, I'm serious. I think it's the military uniform I put the cats and dogs in sometimes. They would point and laugh, "Oh, this one look like Germany." and etc. I thought that was cute. 

Con-wise, San Japan is the next big show coming up. I can never get a table there so I don't bother. But I found another method of making $$$ that I prefer to be honest. You see, they have a huge Art Auction. I submit a bunch of paintings. They go pretty fast and I don't have to worry about manning a table. Sure I may not make as much money as I would at a table, but I don't have to pay for a table, which costs money. Nor do I have to man it, which costs time. I guess I prefer to run around and have fun and make a little money then have the table and have hardly and time for fun while not really knowing how much I would make since I'd have to worry about traffic, table placement, etc factors. Art Auction for me. I prefer my play time at SJ.

Personal-wise. Had a fun time hanging out with friends and stuff. I hardly get time for fun, friends or drawing. It's like I go to work, come home and sleep, then do it all over again. I hardly have the energy or drive to draw. I think next year I'll cut the number of cons and events I do. I want to focus on making comics again. I love story telling and I want to get back into that. Fan art and cons are fun, but it's not really for me 24/7. I'll still attend cons, but won't always have a table. 

Can't wait til summer is over and things calm down a little for me. After SJ will be Alamo City Comic con. ACCC should be the last show I vend for the year. I'm excited.
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