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Ok, it's about time I updated.

Mizuumi Con 5. By far the best Mizuumi Con ever. Still waiting on final numbers. A part of me is sad I didn't go to Nightmare Machine in Jefferson. I was curious how it would have been. Just too look and see. But deep down, I feel I wouldn't have fared as well as I did at Mizuumi Con. So many PEOPLE!!!! They had to limit entry to the vendor section, Wow! I think the staff was more on the ball this time concerning situations as they popped up. I didn't get an ounce of sleep and just got my stuff ready then headed over the con grounds as soon as I could. I dressed as lightly as I could as I was expecting to sweat having dealt with the dealers/artist alley combined from a previous year. I knew it would be hot. It was steaming, the heat was a huge problem, but this is Texas. And I think the con acted as best as they could. My table neighbors Serena and Beth were awesome.

Next Weekend Chimaera Con!
I am very excited. I wasn't able to get a table because work is getting very busy. But I hope to make it out there for a day and have some fun. From now on I'm think I should share my tables. It would be nice to have someone for bathroom breaks and panels. We'll see I don't have a lot of shows coming up this year.

Next cons;

Chimaera Con/Attending


Texas Comic Con/Vending

San Japan/Attending

Realms Con/ Attending maybe?
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How was Comic Con? I wanted to go but I had friends from out of town visiting so I couldn't make it.

Getting a table for San Japan for the next few years is near impossible because they have a vendor's waiting list now. It's full until 2015. I have my name on the list, so if you want to do a table, you'd have to do that too. Unless of course, you have special powers :D
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IT was great. I had lots of fun.
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I'm jealous. I wish I could have been there. Miss you buddy!
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you got a table for san japan?
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nope, didn't try for one.
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I saw you at Chimaera Con and hope to see you at San Japan also :D
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Yes, see you around!
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We'll see you at Aetherfest and all the ones following, Chris! Can't wait!
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