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Princess Yue form Avatar the Last Airbender with Tui and La.

got really into the series again, dont know why, but i felt like doing a few of the characters

not really accurate (especially the sleeves) but my photoshop is really lackluster =(

Also done a Painted Lady [link] and Yangchen [link]

Characters © Nikolodeon

Model - [link]
Hair - [link]
Braids - [link]§ion=&q=braids#/d1z31e1
Moon - [link]§ion=&q=moon#/d2fywaw
Ribbon - [link]
Koi - [link]§ion=&q=koi#/d2fhay7
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that was awesome
I love that
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Cool pic :) I like how magical and peaceful she looks. I like the two spirts in Yin & Yang style. But why does Princess Yue's eyebrow not match the shading by her eyebrow area?? Is her hair supposed to be glowing??
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Thanks =), i know i saw the eyebrows after i uploaded it, yeah i wanted her to have an illuminated look like the moon =)
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okay. It's still a great pic anyway.
oooohh i love it.
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"lackluster?" HARDLY! This is so beautiful! I wish I could do something this beautiful!
You will probably never read this, but I'm gonna say it anyway. This is brilliant, you were able to capture my imagination so .... strongly with Tui and La, and the clouds in the sky, I can literally feel the icy cool of the moon on my skin. I wish I was this talented with photoshop. I appreciate this a lot.
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Wow, thank you, iv had a really bad day today but this made me smile =)
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wow, this is one of the most beautiful Avatar fanarts that ive ever seen
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her eyebrows look kinda creepy xD
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