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Happy Fourth of July
July 4th is only a day, one that comes every year. Most Nations don't care about it or celebrate the 4th of July.
I don't think people truly understands what the "Revolution" meant, not only to America but to the World. Americans threw off the reigns of "Monarchies" and "Religions", both trying to tame the wild mustang the 13 Colonies had become to survive the greatest frontier the world had yet known, and show the World Democratic Republics were the only way for any people to truly know "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", because all men and women are created equal, all people the World over are created the same way.
Understand that those "Monarchies" and "Religions" enforced the belief that "The World Was Flat". When looked at from "Authorities" perspective, from behind their eyes, dumb people are easy to fool and rule. Just look at time eternal, and see those who wish to control always, always attack education and intelligence because they know such things free people and
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Wow, TV just keeps proving me more and more right. ABC, and I don’t blame George, he’s just reading a prompter, I don’t know what control he has over the content, but I’m going to use what he said.
20 months of negative unemployment numbers and our unemployment rate STILL isn’t above 10%? Let’s do some math. You can only collect unemployment for 25 weeks. 20 months times 4 weeks equals 80 weeks. So MANY, MANY people who were the first to be laid off at the beginning and middle, like a year ago when 700,000 people were being let go a month have run out of benefits and are not counted in the ‘unemployment’ count, that is ‘adjusted for seasonal work’ what is that? Illegal aliens working under the radar?
Then throw in all the underemployed. And I’m thinking we are more like 30% unemployed/underemployed, meaning almost 100 million Americans are hurting, not to mention all the Elderly who are suffering from rising cost of living expenses
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Home Energy Independance
What do Business and Businessmen do? Then invest “Capital”(Money or resources) into “Property”(Land or other type of asset) for the purpose of making money by selling something, right?
So my idea for “Energy Independent Homes” is Business 101 people, I wish to invest in every home so that every home produces “Energy”. I get my return by placing a 1% tax on the money made on “Energy Production”. Corporation headquarters in cities, large buildings, malls, and airports along with government buildings will always need energy, and if I can get that energy from millions of homes in America, and get that much in tax revenue, while eliminating most all power plant pollution, and putting money into homeowners pockets, while making homes earn their keep (as my dad says), why, the only reason not to do this is because “Energy Conglomerates”, “Big Oil”, “Big Coal”, “Big Wind Farms”, “Big Solar Farms
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Judicial, Prison, Drug Policy
Judicial, Prison, and Drug Policy of course have to be tackled together in a comprehensive plan. Doctors have mapped the human brain with MRI to the point where they can tell what parts of the brain are being used when someone talks. When a person lies(makes up a story) a different part of the brain is used other than “Memory”.
Imagine being questioned at the police station with a certified doctor and an MRI machine. You would just be asked, “Did you steal from so-and-so”, “Did you defraud so-and-so”, “Did you kill so-and-so”, “Did you blackmail so-and-so”. Innocent people, in theory, would never go to jail again. Imagine the deterrent to crime knowing “Lying, or Talking your Way Out” of doing wrong will no longer be an option. It would even keep government and “To Big-to-Fail” financial executives in line.
The lessoning of trial amounts should reduce dramatically. Imagine the savings the government can make on less
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My Train system is also a comprehensive plan that offers a multilevel solution to transportation, shipping, mail delivery, small business expansion, job creation and steady employment for years to come, pollution control, and freeing Americans to be able to travel and see this great Country of ours.
How to finance is always a big question. First, money for “Highway” construction will need be shifted away from an outdated mode of transportation based on a diminishing dirty Fossil Fuel, and shifted to a Magnetic Train system. I would also, if I were President, force Congress to add an Amendment to the “Cap and Trade” bill that just passed that would Force Polluters to pay that TAX, instead of passing it on to you, and then blaming the Government for Raising energy prices.
That tax would go towards construction. Material, “waste” dumped by Coal Mining Companies in the Valley’s of West Virginia, and other locals, need to be moved so those “Water Ways
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Lighting Love
Lighting Love
A candle burns in memory, light lasts for eternity
Every spot we see on the black canvas of night
A sun like ours with the chance for life
God to me is like Johnny Appleseed
Spreading seeds of life across his universal sea
Only pride dare makes humanity believe
They are the only life God created
It seems to me when we complain about being alive
We spurn the very gift of this wonder called life
Pride blinds “Mankind” from loves truth
God is constant
Men with God-like egos have divided him into
Religions defined and confined inside books
God is in the world, not paper boxes
God is in acts of love, not acts of intolerance
A candle fades in memory, can light last eternally?
Today we thirst for youth eternal
Like children never wishing to grow up
Now I see a world full of Peter Pan’s trying to fly
Without Tinkerbelle’s magical dust
I see the heavy net of responsibility but
Am powerless against its grasp
I fight against the woven web of threads
Made up of ca
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Health Care
I look out across the Political landscape of our Country and I see America being slowly ripped off of her foundations by Democrats and Republicans both, with the help of Lobbyists and other “Special Interest” of course. America’s leaders have lost direction, forgot what principles America was founded on. We, all of us, are responsible. We listened, we voted, we were persuaded by very eloquently words spoken by the smoothest talkers money can buy towards ideas that contradict with the Ideals of Liberty, Freedom, and Property promised in our Constitution, one of the two Documents our Country freed itself with and based itself upon.
Both political parties over the years have divided and polarized certain issues in this Country to the point both parties have lost the direction America needs to take. Democrats have shown their fiscal irresponsibility and overly socialist ideals rather clearly with President Obama. Over the years Republicans have fallen deeper into the arms of
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Going Up chapter 12
Going Up Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 12
I opened eyes to amazement. Before these eyes, laid out  like God would see, appeared the Milky Way Galaxy. Suspended in front of me were countless balls of light. Millions of pea sized, to grapefruit sized balls of flame containing every color imaginable. Orbiting stars were planets of various girths, from grains of sand to golf balls. One wild combination was a star and its planet and the planet was almost the size of its sun. Theirs was a wild dance across the cosmos, ultimately ending in destruction of one or both. How like first love.  Meteors, Comets, and Asteroids wove around the stars and planets in the most complex dance, puzzle, or dare I say game. Suns went supernova; comets and asteroids were destroyed, or destroyed anything crossing their path. At the same time spun wandering black holes eating light, devouring space and time itself as they aimlessly moved. Destruction was everywhere I looked.
So was creatio
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Going Up chapter 11
Going Up Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 11
Dozens of ancient farmers have gathered around a high priest, listening to him give a sermon in the darkness before dawn. He speaks of Utu, the sun god of Mesopotamia. I stand listening to this man describe the only god I have been allowed to know. How he, Utu, rises and sets, giving us light, protecting us from darkness as long as we follow his laws, and obey his priests of course.
“With his mighty saw bladed sword of light, the great Utu thrusts his weapon through the east mountain. Utu slices an opening to pass, signaling dawn.” The priest thrusts his empty arm out at a slight upward angle, doing a poor imitation of powerful Utu. He speaks loudly, trying to make us feel his gods power by yelling at us.
“Utu’s power is so great, you may not see him but for the burning of his sword; gracing us with warmth and light. Utu walks across the sky to the west mountains where he carves a portal at sunset. There he enters into t
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Going Up chapter 10
Going Up Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 10
I started with the backstroke so as to enjoy the clear star strewn sky hiding around a large blue moon. No matter how long I might have to swim, I was determined to enjoy the excursion. My swimming soon took rhythm like the gentle waves around me. I got caught up in movement and started thinking of a surfer friend who once told me riding a wave was like riding a pulse of light energy that continued on forever through the universe. I lost track of time once again. Not that I lost track of it; time just didn’t seem to be anything to me anymore but a measuring, a way to separate memories and feelings. How boring and meaningless would life be if the whole of it lasted as long as your fingers could snap?
A pale silvery dawn began illuminating the horizon; pushing the moon away and quickly stole the sky. A cascading noise ran like faint mercury over my ears. I stopped swimming and turned towards the noise and had my breath snatched away. Eve
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Going Up chapter 9
Going Up Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 9
You can only scream so long while falling. Your voice gets rough eventually and the noise grates the ears. When absolute terror escapes your lips until you grow horse; times passage starts entering you thoughts. I was glad time slipped by like molasses running down snow covered mountains because the longer I fell, the longer I didn‘t land in the unknown. I began reflecting all I had seen, the great people I was privileged enough to gain a better understanding of through the simple act of conversing congenially; imagine if all of us would do it more with those we disagree with. Boredom eventually overcame me. With daring defiance I started twisting and somersaulting like a diver on the longest and greatest dive of dreams.
Hitting water whilst in a twisting motion, basically on my side, stole my breath like nothing I had ever experienced. One time some friends and I made a two foot ramp of snow at the bottom of a hill so we could jump a t
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Going Up chapter 8
Going Up Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 8
A dual colored sky greeted eyes once opened. Varied shades and tones were intent to duel each other in a vibrant dance of war. Under my hands I could feel tight, softly curled cotton strands. A flying carpet? Looking into a sky battling with itself, I saw the gray behind me clashing directly overhead with a majestic purple in front. Like two storms crashing, both sides sent jagged spikes into another, so much so, no distinct line could be drawn between the two where one could stand behind and issue demands or commands. Insight into each soul could be gleaned by the theme song each reality caused to be heard by me. Eventually I hoped to understand why Judas Priest’s iconic anthem “Breaking the Law” rocked this magic carpet ride. I could only imagine who awaited me in a world colored royal.
Trying to stand on a soaring rug didn’t seem like a good idea, so I rolled over. Once on my belly I was able to study my airy platform
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Going Up chapter 7
Going Up Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 7
Lack of light made the portal seem shiny and gave off a feeling of being dirty. Like oil on water, a black film stretched across my only escape. I did not really want to walk into this door of liquid night that seemed to only reflect light. Passing through the opening left me grimy feeling, like the darkness was alive and wanted to seep into skin to attack the soul within. I felt the lack of light like never before. Stumbling to my knees on the other side of this new reality, I couldn’t help notice the gray stones beneath me as Hank Williams Sr.’s voice filled me with his uplifting song “I Saw the Light“ in a place where light was not exactly plentiful. What irony. Surrounded by a dark gray nether, the stones formed a narrow path leading straight to a larger shadow-clad stone slab, floating apparently on nothing.
I stayed on my knees a few minutes trying to clear a greasy darkness from my mind. Finally regaining some semb
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Going Up chapter 6
Going Up Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 6
Past the dark portal I found a pleasant, almost picturesque forest. If all the woods I had ever rollicked through could somehow be pulled together and a perfect average produced, it would be this forest I now found myself walking. A plain dirt path faded away into lush arbors. Feet made light by such a serene scene began meandering down the twisting trail as my mind wandered over visages of great men and the wisdom imparted to me from across the gravest of divides.
Pulling a mind away from such deep ideas and thoughts can only be done by distraction; so I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. To my semi-surprise, another song began echoing around me. Was I still alive, trapped in the vehicle while the songs I heard were sounding from the radio? The theme song for this world appeared to be “Dave Matthews Band” playing a live version of “Dreams of Our Fathers”. Another deep breath and fresh woodland air filled lungs thirst
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Going Up chapter 5
Going Up Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 5
Stepping out of the tent brought something unexpected. Imagine my surprise when I stepped into a tree’s heart, seemingly lit by twilight as Pink Floyd‘s “Money“ started. Dark brown wood full of thick grains made up the floor, walls, and ceiling. Strength surrounded me like the toughness of hickory. I caught a whiff of something remembered, something familiar, like the spice of past dreams.
The small antechamber I was standing in contained carved nick-knacks and old things. I was reminded of the Natural History Museum in the Nations Capital. Both hold items and objects like moments stolen from time. Such displays are fascinating to gaze upon, as if those pieces of time are in fact pieces of art. My reminiscing ended with the door to the main chamber opening, revealing the tantalizing aromas source.
I knew this man standing before me. His very manner spoke volumes of his personality, which in fact seemed larger than life. H
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Going Up chapter 4
Going Up Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 4
I traveled a short distance from entrance to exit within the caved in building. Once outside in the light, I found my self on a sandy beach greeted by the feel and fragrant smells of ocean air. Surprising me in its strangeness, “Truth Hits Everybody” by the Police started spinning in my ear as sunlight bathed everything. After submerging my soul into a gritty, bloody world; looking to a sunset brought renewed hope, because I saw that burning orb was a wonder in itself. I never knew sunny orange could express itself in so many shades when muted while falling into heaven as Atlas keeps his muddy sphere rotating. Farther down the beach squat a strange tent. Someone would be in the canvas structure, but the sun captured the artist’s soul within me. I sat on beach, listening to the “Police”, absorbing the skyscape’s magnificent beauty.
Hours disappeared before realizing no waves could be heard or an ocean seen anywhe
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Random Favourites

Jessamyn by viamarie Jessamyn :iconviamarie:viamarie 505 46 Maanlicht by JakobaHavinga Maanlicht :iconjakobahavinga:JakobaHavinga 14 16 Supernova by blau23 Supernova :iconblau23:blau23 21 7 Conspiracy by Naze-Melnyk Conspiracy :iconnaze-melnyk:Naze-Melnyk 193 48 ghost by lora-zombie ghost :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 280 78 Yes, Sir by W0LLE Yes, Sir :iconw0lle:W0LLE 107 22 - E g y p t i a n - by darkredrose - E g y p t i a n - :icondarkredrose:darkredrose 3 5
The Thing About Cliches
If this were a cliché,
A poem, or both
It would be about sparkling midnight skies and heartbeats and flowers and sex.
There would be oceanic eyes and rain that tastes like tears. We’ll throw in anxiety-riddled murmurs and metaphorical bullets and allusions to sharp objects for pity.
This is not a cliché anymore.
So instead I wrote about the flavor of emerald and the fragrance of April hope. I painted pictures of a perfect pencil, poised over a blank page.
If this were a romance,
A message in a bottle, or both
It would still be cliché, to capture electric fingers and longings locked away with skeleton keys, and drugs.
We’d find footprints in the sand and read angels into them. We’d collect rejected roses, tarnished rings, and hopeful held breaths where the tides washed them up, tie them up with ribbon, and cork it all away for someone else to worry about.
This is not a romance either.
So instead I baked coffee cake while it rained, and picked the wee
:iconsummernightangel:summernightangel 1,398 645
cushion for a heavy heart by bryan-cuttance cushion for a heavy heart :iconbryan-cuttance:bryan-cuttance 3,446 269
Half Sick of Shadows
The heart of a girl sets encased in the shell of a woman
Watching the world through cold dead eyes
A hand was placed on her shoulder
Whether to give or draw comfort
She never knew
Lacking the will to fight
She allowed it to draw her up
And lead her along the path
That earlier had not been there
A voice began speaking
And with wonder she watched
As all it said began to appear
Looking so very much like her dreams
With a dawning sense of awe
She continued to watch
As the barren winterscape surrounding them
Transformed into an eternal spring
Tinged with the glow of fall
Feeling the warmth
Emanate from this being
She tried to draw closer
Hoping some of it might be shared
In the pictures it spun
She heard the crashing of waves
Off the coast of an Emerald Isle
She saw a cottage
Surrounded by dappled light and trees
The warmth of laughter
Radiating from its open windows
Slowly washed over her
Making her want to become a part of it
Onward they walked
So that it may show her more
:iconskycladgypsy:SkycladGypsy 4 4
Bukowski by rogercruz Bukowski :iconrogercruz:rogercruz 23 5 the transformation by yiffie the transformation :iconyiffie:yiffie 13 5
Sonic Sobriety
People only hear
What they: want, need, desire
And their own screaming
:iconkiwibri:KiwiBri 3 10
the words my mother taught me
             are caught in my throat
please & thank you
       you're welcome
                        I love you

they're fishbones
and button batteries
not  intended
for human consumption
"keep out of reach of children
                       (under three)"
because somehow
when you graduate
from preschool
you develop an immunity
to foreign objects
jamming themselves
halfway down
your throat
the same way
you become a bad driver
if you climb into a car
      that's painted red
or have an intuitive understanding
:iconcolonelfitz:ColonelFitz 5 16
malaria by passtheherb malaria :iconpasstheherb:passtheherb 86 49



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