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watercolor brush set

3 selfmade, animated watercolor brushes for GIMP.
Here is an example how you can use it: [link]
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thank you so much. Love it <3

I plan on making a watercolour background for a cover page on FB. I was looking for something that will make watercolour splotches. Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for these.

Thank you very much.

great brushes, thank you so much!

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Liking the brushes

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Amazing work! I hope it's okay if I ask, but are you able to make these brushes for Photoshop as well?

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thnx have been looking for set of gimp watercolour brushes
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Thnak you Chris. I am sure they will come in very handy.
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Thank you Very much:)
Thank you very much.
Thank you u are amazing mate, realy!
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Awesome, thank you! These are just what I needed ^^
Beautiful brushes.  Thanks a lot !
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This is perfect. Thank you so much for those brushes!
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Thank you for those great brushes! I used them here: Lady Gaga
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What're your conditions for using this? Can we use it for commercial purposes? Have to credit you? etc.

Awesome brushes btw :)
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You can use it for your commecial works without any mention.
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Awesome, thank you :)
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How do you change the colors?
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Thank you very much, these are awesome!
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