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One of the greatest cartoons ever, heres a little drawing i did one day, and i just found it recently, hope you all likes it. PEACE!
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Yeah, greatest cartoon ever TTnTT I feel nostalgic when I see this drawings or fanfics in fandom forums TT_TT 
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The art style reminds me of the Gorillaz. This drawing is great btw!
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You are awesome.
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cool. it is great.  I love it.

I used  Mybrushes drawing software   but I could not paint so nice as you.:) (Smile) 
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Brings back so many memories... :,3
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It has a familiar, kinda realistic, style that I adore so much! I miss this show so much, but I watch it on Boomerang when I get the chance(and I'm currently trying to buy some soon on the PSN)
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I'm probably not the first to type "this style of drawing reminds me of gorillaz." But that won't stop me from typing it, this style of drawing reminds me of gorillaz. Seriously nice pic.
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Seriously, whenever I see Gorillaz art style, I go all flipsy.
I love it that much!
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If Foster's met the animator for Gorillaz :) 
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If one of the main creators of the show favorites this, that must really be a good sign.
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Still the only deviation Craig McCracken has favourited on DA other than two done by his wife. That's quite a lofty accomplishment.
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Mac looks like he's in Gorillaz! :la:
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I miss this show.
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Live-action foster home for imagenary friend = pretty good movie idea
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