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Starting in 10 minutes:
joining me will be [link] to help along with the conversation.
join in at:
Just going to start now and warm up, planning to stream for a few hours at least.

You can watch me at:
Hey, so I'm gonna start streaming tomorrow at about 21:00 London time (15:00 US east coast time). All streams will go on youtube later, in case anybody is interested.
If you would like me to answer some of your questions or talk about some things in general, post a comment and I'll see what I can include. Also, I'm open for suggestions as to what you'd like me to paint.

Links and updates will follow :D
Happy 2017 everyone, if 2016 didn't work out the way you wanted may the next year be more fruitful for you, and if last year was great for you, surely, this one will be even better.

Now, I wanted to share some things I'll try to do this year and maybe get some feedback and ideas from whoever is interested.
First is: a lot of people keep asking me for more painting process videos, so at this point I cant ignore it. I want to start doing live streaming consistently, maybe only a couple of hours each week and then if it grows possibly more. I am thinking of having a short Q&A separately, which i could turn into a Youtube video later (so that people who missed the stream can get their questions answered), and a normal stream where I paint and how I do my lame art.

And secondly, I wanted to ask how many of you would be interested in a graphic story made by me, and how would you prefer it to be published?
Basically, I had something like this planned for a while now, and I figured I have a few options as far as publishing goes. I can self-publish and just put out the book on various websites that do this sort of thing and start selling printed and digital copies - digital for cheap and printed depending on how much it would cost to produce on demand. 
Another way would be to do some sort of crowdfunding like Kickstarter, I've worked on a bunch of them in the past so I kind of know how it goes. That way I would be able to see if I can do something fancy or add extras if a lot of people like it and are willing to buy it.
Or, and this is something I know little about, should I try to look for some publisher who can handle all of this stuff and leave only the production of art/story to me. I have no idea how publishers in that business go about non-mainstream stuff, so this is a shot in the dark for me.

Anyway, if any of you have thoughts or ideas about either streaming or publishing, I would very much like to hear.
Other than that, happy new year! And, by the way, you can post your new year´s resolution in the comments, I will make sure to hold you to it :D
Hey, everyone,
just wanted to say that I´m doing this artbook with a bunch of other great artists on kickstarter:
if any of you are into that, there are a lot of prints and other stuff included, so check the link out and see for yourself :D
A massive thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, I don't have many friends otherwise so it was greatly appreciated.
I'll keep trying my best with my art and I hope you can keep enjoying it :)
Hey, everyone.
Long time without a social call, so here it is, and it's going to be a lengthy one.
Mostly I would like to get some feedback on the things I'll mention below, and if you have dealt with anything similar, it would be nice if you could share your experience.

So, I'm slowly working on my story ("slowly" is an understatement), and it's getting to the point where I'm thinking about the different ways I could release it. I'm still far away from finishing it, but it can't hurt gathering info right now.

First of all, about the actual "look" of the book. It's definitely not going to be a comic book or anything like that. Not that I hate comics but that's not what I had in mind for my project. My story will have a lot of text, a lot of narrative, you'll have to actually read it and not just browse through the pictures.
Here's what I thought 2 pages might look like:
Page Test by ChrisCold

It's just a test page with an older artwork and gibberish as text, but it should give you an idea (again, tell me what you think).

Basically, it will be something like: 50% of the pages are images and the other half is text. However, it'll be still possible to read the story without the art. The images are simply accompanying the narration, they are not crucial to the story, but they do give you some additional visual detail about what's going on, etc.
Anyway, if it turns out to be 200 pages long, that's kinda like a short story with a lot of illustrations. I will also make sure that the images won't ever spoil the text part before you can even read it, so don't worry about that.
Sometimes there will be 2 pages together with only text, sometimes there will be an artwork across 2 pages, the test page above is just an example of 1 image-page + 1 text-page. But yeah, that's all about the way it might look, now about the actual final product...

My first thought was to do it the usual standard way, basically just finish it, polish it up, make it into a book and sell on Amazon or something. I'm not sure if that would be ideal for me, so, again, if you've tried to publish books yourself, if you know how successful/pointless it can be, how much money the average author makes on Amazon, I'd like to hear about it.

The second option I wouldn't mind trying is to make a website for the book and just put out a digital version of the book for free, where anyone could read it. I would be selling printed copies as well, in case anybody wanted them (obviously I can't give them away for free), but you could read the digital version on the net and perhaps donate money if you liked it, etc etc.
Whether people would actually donate is another question... but from what I've seen from other projects, if it's good, people don't mind supporting it. 
I'm also not so much about the money, I would just like for as many people as possible to read my story, however, this is taking me a long time to do, so I can't just throw it out there without any chance for compensation.
Personally, I'm leaning towards something like this second option, because if it works out semi-well, I will just keep doing it (releasing stuff for free). This also allows for it to spread better, meaning that if someone wouldn't be able to buy the book, he/she can still share it with others, because it's free and accessible.

What would you prefer, would you mind buying a book like that or read it for free beforehand? Or do you have different suggestions altogether?
I haven't done anything like that, so any thoughts or opinions are welcome.
The last journal was like from April :P time for another one, I suppose.
(kinda feel like general Knoxx when writing these)


First of all, thanks a lot for the birthday wishes, they filled around 2 or 3 pages worth of comments already :P (probably more than getting a DD)
love all of them, of course, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be this one:…
it's so over-the-top, and the funniest thing is how all those rainbowy sheep are dancing around my grumpy gray icon. Not to mention the two llamas on crack. Definitely worth a feature.

On another note, MacRebisz and I have revived our Fallen Suns project which we started a few years ago.
You probably noticed some images I posted, but it's basically a sci-fi story taking place in a desolate corner of space. In a way it's a bit post-apocalyptic, because the system where everything is happening was half destroyed by some unknown war or conflict, so the main plot is about how people live and survive in this environment. Space pirates, huge debris fields, dangerous mining operations and gravitational anomalies that turn planets inside out are present.
We are still polishing up the core ideas but you can visit our facebook page here:
Hi, people. Thought I should write a personal note once in a while.

First of all, I have 12K+ watchers now, which is awesome.
Thanks a lot to everyone for supporting my crappy child scribbles, you guys rock.

Hopefully, I'll be done with most of my work in summer so I'll have time to visit a few conventions and whatnot. I'll keep you updated :P
Also, I started compiling a bunch of my sketches and unfinished speedpaintings into a sketchbook, so far it has over 100 images but I want to get at least 200 in before publishing it. A digital copy will be most probably free, not sure about printed versions yet.

Other than that I'm still pretty busy with the remaining commissions from Shadowgate, while slowly working on my "Machines" project.
Oh and I started drinking tea :noes:, I still don't know / can't taste the difference between black and green but I'm getting there.

Sorry for not replying to so many of your comments, and thanks again for your support, you guys keep me motivated :D

- Chris
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First of all, the Shadowgate kickstarter was very successful, that's really awesome. I'll probably be busy with it till next year so there could be even more inactivity from me than usual :P
everyone who enjoyed the Shadowgate stuff I posted - thanks!

On a second note, I'm sorta in the middle of moving to a new place and as always I feel bad for not replying to some questions, I just can't right now, sorry. If it was something important I promise I'll get back to ya.

That's it, keeping it short.

- Chris
Yeah, it's finally happening - Shadowgate is live on kickstarter.

It just needs a little push from you guys.
We would really appreciate it if you could check out our campaign here: [LINK] ,and click that Like button or share it on Twitter.
Any support is welcome :)

Hey there,

maybe i missed some news article about it or something, but i'm getting a huge amount of spam messages recently and i'm pretty sure others get the same. I mean, yeah spammers always keep coming back but this seems to have the same links on it so should i know more about this? :P

anyway, i actually wanted to talk about livesteaming. I'm planning on starting it soon (well in this century hopefully) and i always thought i would go on cause i just saw most of the artist streams there.
However, i'm considering that youtube livestreaming thing but i've never tried it or anything so i just wanted to ask for some feedback on that, because even if i'll do livestream i'd like to keep uploading vids to youtube which is why it would be better to stream there.
If any of you tried it and it's a pain in the ass, i guess i'll stick with

oh and one last thing... can we ban those people who upload crap demotivational posters, or stolen quotes, or screenshots of retarded youtubers playing games? I'm tired of dA (which was supposed to be an art site) trying to promote non-art-related ideas more than art itself, even though they take a big chunk of money from every sold print, a bit of a contradiction, don't you think (even business-wise) :P

- Chris
So it turns out i'm 22.
All year long i was thinking i will become 23 but now it seems i have a spare year.

Anyway, thanks a lot for all the birthday wishes, everyone.
I don't have any funny stories to tell about yesterday, unfortunately... except when someone thought there was juice in the glass but it was actually whiskey - those non-drinkers sure are hilarious.

Well, whatever. More art coming soon.

- Chris
Ok, so just to address a few things i've been asked recently...

First and most important thing is livestream.
I wasn't steaming at all in the past and unfortunately won't be able to do it for awhile because of work, but i will probably start doing it by the end of summer.
It sounds like fun, perhaps it can motivate me to do more art. I will keep you updated when it's all gonna start.

Another thing is the different sites like tumblr and facebook etc. Several people asked me if i have accounts there, i guess now do.
I wasn't a big fan of spending time online so i wasn't really active on other sites, but now i'm doing a lot of sketches and unfinished speedpaintings just for practice or when i'm thinking of something better to paint and i feel they shouldn't be posted here on deviantArt.
I will most probably start uploading my sketchbook somewhere else cause i don't want to fill my deviantArt page with rough sketches so i'll save the more polished work for dA.

To sum it up,
if you're not hanging out on DA much and would prefer to see my stuff elsewhere, i will also post news and updates on these sites:




- Chris
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In the first months of this year I was working on an indie project - Phoenix 9. Mostly doing storyboard sequences and some concept designs.

In short, it is a film about 2 brothers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment. Then later, they find a secret high-security door in an abandoned mansion. And behind that door is something really cool that sends the story into a totally new and unexpected direction (sorry, I'm not allowed to talk about the details). But you can watch the kickstarter trailer here:… for more info.

Anyway, the director and the team are hoping to raise some money on kickstarter so that later they will be able to turn it into a decent movie.
I obviously won't force you to buy a copy or anything, but if you like the idea you can share it with friends so more people will see it.

As usual, thanks for your support
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This is just for everyone who asked about tutorials or for some advice.
I'm in no position to teach anybody and suck at explaining things anyway, so it's probably better to point you at some other sources.

for example, if you don't already know it:
the youtube channel of Feng Zhu, who's submitting videos done in front of his students and also explains some of the techniques.

idrawgirls blog:

and the ctrlpaint website:

IFX magazine's youtube channel:

Digital Painting Video Blog with Bobby Chiu:…


Digital-Tutors (3D):…

Noah's Art Videos:…

plaidklaus (3D):…


Sycra's channel:

If you know any good tutorial sites for digital painting, put the links in the comments and i'll add them to the journal

- Chris
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So, the contest is over, Mac and I did some judging and we have the winners.

Here are the results:

Grand Prize - 12 months subscription goes to seancruz. He has submitted three pieces, all of them have a great style and they will be awesome addition to the FS Project.
Calitho-FS Project by seancruz Hundra-FS Project by seancruz The Tenth Sanctum-FS Project by seancruz

We have also decided to grant 2 special prizes - 3 months subs:

One for kabarsa - great style and mood especially in "Orbital Junky".
Orbital junky by kabarsa

And the second one for crahzz - great style and vision in F_Mar12

Honorable mentions

Disorder in Equilibirum by KiMiK3D:thumb156359990: Dying Spaceport by FacundoDiaz The Refinery by hoevelkamp Scavengers by Cefin Shadow Outpost by Dani-Sang SnowPatrol by Dani-Sang

-[Here you can find all contest submissions]-

We may also contact some of you to talk about featuring in a Final Thing ;)

Also, we are releasing more detailed info about the project itself very soon, so stay tuned. Feel free to create fanarts and things related to the Project - if we find something great and interesting, we will contact you and talk about including it in the Project.

Thanks again for all the support and participation in the contest! You guys rock :)

ChrisCold and MacRebisz