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Where the Forgotten live

... you'll never know what was written here
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Can anyone tell me where is that place I wish there were a story that connets all the artworks
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Amazing work man. Love it.
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For some reason, this reminds me of ChronoTrigger, near the end.
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when they are in Lavos and are destroying the damnned monster ?
Zuion's avatar
also climbing that windy mountain
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I want to go there for once.
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awesome description, gives a sense of humor to the idea of the afterlife
I like the little blue embers floating around, they're from the blue eye, right?
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I put a random search in for 'forgotten' and stumbled upon your artwork. I lost myself into its luxurious allure and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a very indecisive piece and I think that the title is quite suiting. However, I'm not quite sure where you as the artist are trying to take your viewer. The colors seem inviting yet dreary. It's too dark to be heaven and too light to be hell. At first I decided that it had to be purgatory but the more I stare at it the more I realize that it's too perfect to be purgatory. That leaves only one explanation. It must be a realm of passing from one plane to another. Brilliant work. Very captivating. I love it and I hate it because it is like a red siren drawing me in and at the same time leaves me feeling numb. It's a perfect escape from reality and I can't say that I'd know how to put it together any better without words.

Now, let's talk about this detailed description you're using. As everyone knows, an artist's work will most likely mean to them something completely different than the viewer's meaning. However, I'd like to open your mind to something. When you create such an ellaborated description as you have, you're taking away from the mystery of your art. So be careful with that.

Also, if you're adamant about leaving the description I urge that you complete and polish it. One of the the things you didn't mention was the smell. (This being said because you seemingly touched up on all of the other senses.) If I were in a place like this I imagine the air would be really stale and hard to breathe. Have you ever been in rock caverns under ground? If not you should really check them out to see what I mean.

There are seemingly only two lines in your entire description that match up with the art piece. You really lose me in the bits where you're talking about a gaping hole in the stomach, confusion on dehydration and black market. As the viewer should I believe that this is some twisted nightmare that you captured and posted? If so then that changes everything. If you insist on using such a detailed description then I believe that it's understood without saying, that the viewer insists that the riddle of your artwork should be answered.
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OMG ...................................... :D :D :D :D ..................... this one is one hell of art .. :D ............... Mind blowing ...
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Sheer awesome! Immense sense of scale
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This looks amazing! It gives me a Greek Underworld feel. Probably the cavernous walls and such. Plus with the description, it just adds on to it.
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scary. in the future many see a dystopia, where human experimentation and general disregard for life is rampant. noone has rights, their life is just a commodity to a ungodly system, and I say ungodly, cuz in the future, there is never a god. Yeah. totally hate the description, I'm traumatized, but it was necessary cuz it totally describes the feeling I got when I saw this piece. God job man. Now I need to go watch ouran Miyazaki or something :)
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bigger plz :drool:
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Inspiring and deep. Love it.
sevenofeleven's avatar
Well done.
To me the description works well with the picture.

People will complain about anything so ignore them.
If you want to make descriptions go for it!
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Great work! Congrats. :)

Did you use any stock?
ChrisCold's avatar
no :P
some textures for the rocks other than that it's painted
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breathtaking! your style is absolutly amazing!
i kinda almost adore every picture from you :)
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