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posted this some time ago on facebook (along with the sketch)
now uploading wallpapers here on dA.

it actually started off as just a woman wearing a hat without the cigarette but then i saw an awesome photo (this: [link]) and had to add it (besides it needed some color among all the gray)

still kinda became the counter-part to this pic :P :

reblog on TUMBLR: [link]
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this is so awessssssssssooooome
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VERY COOL FANTASTIC :) (Smile) :star: revamp :star: revamp :star: revamp 
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How has this not been a DD yet?!
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just so bone-chillingly real! great job :boogie:
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Wow - this is excellent
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kinda looks like Vampire Hunter D
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Simple and great.
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nicely done. cool image.
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Outstanding. If it was me, I'd illuminate her a bit more. That cigarette is the main thing that's going on in this picture and I feel that it needs more impact. Maybe add a little glitter in her eye or just slightly strengthen the glowing parts of her face?

That's just me, of course.
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This looks too damn cool.
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what was your program and time?
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well i did some rough pencil sketch first but otherwise photoshop mostly. hard to say how long it took, a couple of hours
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Hats and cigarettes, what's not to love? :D
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Love the painterly work in this one, reminded me of a movie (anime) called Vampire Hunter D
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this is a great piece. i think the heat could be a little big bigger, looks tiny and the shadow could be more defined, but anyway it's a amazing piece. ;)
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Awesome! Just utterly badass! I love the gritty feel, the subdued colors and just the edgy tone throughout this piece! Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!
Thanks for sharing!
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