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Three-Eyed God

The 3 rising suns of CastleWorld, cleansing the surface of all life.
Finally managed to finish this one up, you can check the step-by-step here:
Three Eyed God steps by ChrisCold

© 2017 - 2021 ChrisCold
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Gorgeous. And truly inspiring for my current project.  Thank you and good luck on your future work.
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I love the difference between the foreground and background in terms of colors. The back is bright and vibrant, while the fore is dark and unsaturated. This looks a lot like an illustration I made a while ago as concept art for fallout 4. I wish you made this back then so I could use it as a reference.
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awesome view of end-times...:clap:
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It took me so long to find the three "eyes". I feel like an idiot. Anywho, wonderful job! This is dark and greedy! I love it!
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Yeah, i suppose the title is a bit confusing. Glad you like it :)
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Perfect. Flawless. Beautiful!
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Wow, this sure took you a lot of time to make ^_^ , great!
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this picture is amazing :)
so much details, great use of perspective and colors
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i love the sky :O
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Looks like someone had a fun time :P

Really nice work ! ♥
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I really wish you were also a writer so I could get the good meat on this CastleWorld place...
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it's going to be a graphic novel sometime in the future, i posted a small preview of some sketched pages on facebook:…
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That is awesome, I would definitely read that. This reminds me of some strange mix of Dark Souls and Chronicles of Riddick and both of those are AMAZING.
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If you know tsutomu nihei's mangas and mignola's work, it's something between those two
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I'm actually not familiar, but I'm interested regardless
This is amazing!
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Love it! I really like the perspective and atmosphere. Very inspiring piece! :)
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Nice, love the level of detail on this one. :thumbsup:
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