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The Cold Steps to Solitude

By ChrisCold
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I really wanna play some skyrim now...
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How DARE YOU say this reminds you of a fictional place in a video game! You should be burned alive!! ;-)
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that is not the city Solitude in Skyrim, just so you know
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Ohh! XD
No need to be rude about it though!
But thanks for pointing that out for me :3
It kinda looks exactly like Skyrim! 😣
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Dunno how you managed to confuse a prosperous medieval city with guards and townsfolk with a freezing, mountain-like dungeon of spikes and fog.
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O-o Dude....
Seriously you need to calm down...
I made a tiny mistake and you need to beat me up about it?
Just because your behind a screen that doesn't give you the right to bully people... -.-"
I don't know why you had to pick on /ME/ in particular (Because if seen others being confused about this paining as well) but I don't really appreciate it....

Have a good day! ^w^
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That's not Solitude at all! Oh wait... You don't mean the city in skyrim, you mean litteraly solitude... I think I spend too much time in that game.
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Holy hell, this is epic.
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Reminds me of the Frozen Throne.  
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well thank you again :) 
my ego appreciates the boost :D
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You are seriously amazing man :glomp:
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It looks like where you go in Skyrim to learn your shouts.  
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Yeah, that's it.  :)
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Ice cold brutal artwork - the way I like it!
Keep'em coming!
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All I can think when I see this picture is Elder Scrolls Online and Coldharbour. This is really neat.
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This landscape is so cold and empty, that I implode inside. It's very moving art.
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awsome! :) Oh, why I can't make something like that...  
love this style
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Wow.. so dark and cold but at the same time not scary but really peaceful
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