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August 18, 2012
Sharks by *ChrisCold
Suggested by TobiasRoetsch
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Another collaboration with `taenaron, turned out pretty well i think.

You can get wallpapers and/or a free hug if you want it, you can also check his version (which is slightly different) here: [link]
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I love your worlds and your work, still trying to get back to reality, but too be honest, I am going to try that hard............................
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Admirable and very impresionant work...congrats.
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at least if you spam me, could you please say that you are making like 200-300 a day, cause otherwise it would be a step down for me
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Wow! Great art!
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Chris i have to tell you that for at least two years i think ...maybe longer every time i see random pictures on da of yours that i stumble across randomly i always click on it not knowing that its yours and...well i realize that its yours
your art continues and fill me with wonder and amaze me

Thank You

Very Sincerely Cheshire Cattt
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glad you like it and thank you for your support :)
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wow, I'm just speechless.
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this is sosoo cool!
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Very very cool. I often see whale sharks(Basking Sharks) while I am surfing, they are the most mellow and placid creatures. You have captured their essence with a futuristic twist. Excellently done, beautiful and mesmerizing. You got a great gift.
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This is what i've been waiting for! I love the closeness we have to the human figure and the landscape seems more natural, considering this is very much a sci-fi piece. :) Superb!
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Amazing composition and coloring! Great team work!
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The title caught my attention, but I love the skyscape.
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Wonderful piece, featured it here :) [link]
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