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Man, the past months were pretty stressful :|
But i´ll try to get back with updates for you guys, hope you enjoy some new stuff.

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They'd looked across the surface of the water for hours upon hours. Finally they left. He'd burst through the blackish surface with a silent gasp. He crawls upon a rock and recovers his breath.
He closes his eyes for a moment, and thinks. 'They can try...they can try to find me...but they can never...never force me to practice darkness as they do.' He opens his eyes. 'As my people have always done.' He rises with a little effort to his feet. He stands proud and afraid; the only renegade in a world of resigned darkness.
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Love the darkness of this piece. Beautiful colors.
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Love the composition, color-use and vibe it gives! :D
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Безсспорно, демоны в ночи - это ваш конёк
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Looks like Marka Ragnos :D
Great one.
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Love this one man
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this one is really nice Chris.
I've seen some awesome progress on your stuff.
Keep it up man.
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Really cool dude!
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This is absolutely superb! I'll never get over how amazing your work is ;u;
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Sorry to hear about the stress. :( Hope all is well, now!
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Yeah, it´s all good, was just really busy with work and other stuff.
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Very nice work! I really like the design of the character and your rendering techniques have always been spectacular and this time around it's no exception!
Interesting wide canvas too, and the cyan outline certainly help make the character pop more. Great work once again!
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Long time didn't see your works. Nice to know you're back.
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yeah, work has been weird and some health issues in the family, nothing serious tho. I´ll definitely try to post more from now on 
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I love these colors and details *u*Marvelous work
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