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Album cover from last year.

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Ugh...i hate these guys. They're spectres, but worse. Phantasms are plagued by disease of the Heart, the Mind, the Soul...whatever you wanna call it. if you were to put it on a list...i'd say they would be below even Chaotic-Evil characters. they just exist to torment and torture anything that isn't dead...and some things that are. As long as it still has flesh or good-natured thoughts, they don't seem to care. Mark my words: If you see one of these green-spirited devils, Run. For. Your. Life.

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and some old ones
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I posted this on reddit and it got massively upvoted, people really like it! :D…
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That´s awesome, glad it spreads around :)
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very good, Congratulations. From now on I'm watching.
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Beautiful. Nightmarish.
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Grim and cold. Very atmospheric! Waaaah! 
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wow Chris-Sama 0.0 such an amazing work! Yet inspirational!!!!!!!!!!! I'm proud of you hehe x3
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Enthralling and not just because I've a deep passion for undeath XD
I just really love the way those specters look like they are caught around that rotten figure as it calls them.
: D as always your work is just amazing!
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Thanks :D
glad you like it
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Awesome and creepy art work, congratulations! Shocked 
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i want to go there : )
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Awesome work man.
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Not sure if I said this already, but you should do concept art for the Dark Souls series.
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Stunning as ever. I love the sense of fear and dread this one conjures.
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Awesome! I love the colours! Epic detail! 
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Thats amazing! i really like the effects of the shadows!
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awesome and creepy love it  
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You definitely have your way with color themes and this is awesome.
But somehow me thinks that the 2nd row, the trees is a bit too glowy. It makes a good "creepy-glowy"-fog ambience glow. But me thinks a darker treeline would have accentuated the eerie-glowy-wtf-is-going-on-here of the specters and the fog hanging over the trees.
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Awesome. There are no words to describe your work *.*
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WOAH!!!! COOOL!!!!!!!!!!
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