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No Sunlight Future

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A story about an advanced race that was forced to go underwater after the planet's surface suffered a long nuclear war.

Edit: Wallpapers added
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Ah, the ocean. A place that many believe holds more mystery and beauty than the depths of space. Being one of those people, you can image how quickly I was drawn to this dystopian, oceanic environment and the unknown story that it tells within its painted waves. Not often can one merge seamless wonder and destruction so well and make it genuinely work. "No Sunlight Future" created by *ChrisCold, really shows off his capabilities as an outstanding artist and brings us another genuine feast for the eyes with this piece.

To being with, you can see that every detail on this piece just seems to spring forward. The bubbles and motion blur drawn onto the destroyed, sinking ships really brings out the feeling that a war is taking place right before your eyes. The fish and aquatic wildlife scattering at the horrid sight before them desperately trying to find safety can almost make you imagine this picture moving right before you, destruction and all. The image of the solitary figure viewing all of the destruction really makes you want to be put in his/her shoes and wonder what could be going through his/her mind in this situation. Could it be fear or even awe, its up to your imagination which adds more to the mystery.

Now as great as the picture looks, there is one small thing that bothers me. Around the base of the reef that the character is on, it looks a bit blurred which deters from the overall reef's appearance. But at this point I'm just nitpicking.

The ocean may always be a fountain of mystery but thanks to pieces like this, there will always be a tap to draw inspiration from. Good work, Chris.
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morion87Hobbyist Writer
Under the sea is better anyway. Plus this is just plain awesome period.
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ChrisColdProfessional Digital Artist
Glad you like it
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Well executed Underwater
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how many hours it take for a painting like that ? awesome.... i'm speachless
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ChrisColdProfessional Digital Artist
well, it's kinda old, probably took me like 8 hours back then
glad you like it :)
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Its come from your mind ? I wish i was good to create my own painting without using reference picture. Keep the good work ! 
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TechnoPhilosopherProfessional Artist
love this… 
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ShinpanXStudent General Artist
Very beautiful!
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one of the scariest moments I ever recall is being at the mercy of the dark depths of the ocean in unknown waters

And, you've captured it strikingly
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ChrisColdProfessional Digital Artist
thank you :)
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thank you for sharing
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MagnetosHelmetStudent Filmographer
this is beautiful and serene and calm.its frightening and cold but welcoming and enchanting in other words you created a Master Piece.
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ChrisColdProfessional Digital Artist
thank you very much :)
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MagnetosHelmetStudent Filmographer
your artwork is amazing and breath taking
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Cold-showersHobbyist Photographer
At first looks just like a shot, amazing painting skills Chris!
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Love your work! Could you tell me more about this story?
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masterizerHobbyist Digital Artist
Genial !!!!
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zloypolzunProfessional Filmographer
awesome colors
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GreenBambiEyesHobbyist Artist
Mind blowing, love it !
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SeanNashProfessional Digital Artist
I've recently started studying more digital work, practicing and then I see this, and I just hope I become as good as you, just amazing work, this is such inspiring work. Well done.
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Seriously amazing!
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PatxitoillustratorProfessional Digital Artist
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