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Machines: server

Another concept for this thing :P

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WOW!!!!! Mega COOL!
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I've always loved your art. And now I love it even more.
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for me this picture is so terrifying and so splendid at the same time, makes me feel eerie
you did an extremely good job
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I seems like there's a lot of epic about to go down.
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I've always liked your use of open space and how good you are at creating a "full" image.
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Awesome as always!!
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This is insane. Dude. We gotta find a spot for you for the art on the next halo game.
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Chris, Only you can get 4K views and 600+ faves for a guys standing there with a light shining in the distance!
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well, there are people who get 10K favs and 100K views for a badly painted cat, so yeah
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hehe, I'm sure that guy is hiding a cat in his coat...or pants!
Just bugging ya anyway. :)
BTW, do you have a link to that cat painting? I am very interested. :lol:
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omg, you weren't kidding...or kittying? lol.
Well, to be fair, I am sure those cats are softer to pet and approach than your guy standing before the light....I'm just assuming never know!
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Magnificent! Beautiful. I seriously would love to have this on my wall.
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"First Contact".. hehe
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Pretty damn cool man ;)
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This is so ominous and eerie. I love it!
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I once a picture like this in my mind, it was realted to a story. the "servers" name was G.O.L.E.M and the little dude up front was named Captain Jonathan Rayth, Gentleman Pirate and Cyberwarrior ... I really like this drawing! ^^
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Ya'know, I don't think 'cntrl + alt+ delete' would take care of that thing. O.o
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