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October 10, 2020
MTG - Gloom Sower by ChrisCold
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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MTG - Gloom Sower

Some MTG stuff from a couple of years ago. These apparently have been released so I guess I can post them, but more to come in another year.

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PiromanBF's avatar

This one is one of my favorites on MTG art. Breathtaking.

magigrapix's avatar

Amazing design. I'm getting a real "Stranger Things" vibe from this. I cannot wait for the next season to drop.

Great work.

I honestly thought it was Cthulhu.

spiraloso's avatar

Terrific work as usual Chris :) and congratz on your DD!!

InaIn818's avatar

As the first I've seen of your creations, this looks amazing to me.

Indeed something terrifying.

michaelvelasquez's avatar

This is gorgeous and brooding. Gorgeously brooding?

LindArtz's avatar

Fantastic work!!! - And feels like our current times for sure! :clap: !!!

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hbaf187's avatar

Oh, look! It is my old boss, pictured here on DA.

But seriously, great work!

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NovaTheArtistYT's avatar

Wow this looks so amazing

JosephSinger's avatar
Great work! And congrats on the DD!
VSales's avatar

Incredible image!

MichaelVance-ART's avatar

Cool art! You should do a work with a crashed UFO and aliens, it would be great! :-) Think the movies "The Thing" and "Alien".

Anyways, keep it up! :#1:

ArchangelImperius's avatar

So dark and terrifying!

Kluv's avatar

I am SO glad you are doing magic art. It's crazy that you've been doing it for a while. But I actually was working on a blog post of artists I wanted to see do Magic art and you were on the list. Then i saw these cards come out and it was like a dream come true!!

Also, a second card called "Eliminate" came out in the same set! So can you upload that one too?!

ChrisCold's avatar

Hey, thanks a lot for the support! :)

Yeah, there were a few others I did around the same time, some for expansion sets I guess, so they should be released too in a couple of months, I'll be uploading as I go. Haven't gotten around it just yet

AwareProject's avatar

Fantastic work! I really like what you have done with this. The sharper details on the cloudier wide picture gives it a focused quality that I think does great justice to the scene and composition. Incredible mood on display.

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