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Hall of the Mountain King


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Thought i should try painting my favorite music pieces and see how it will work out.

Always wanted to paint this one and it's a nice start with classics.

more to come soon
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Hi Chris, I was wondering if I could use this amazing artwork in my asmr/ambience video on YT?

With attribution of course.

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Sure, go ahead

Found this after a little digging after seeing it in a reddit post on r/valheim, and holy shit I’m glad i did, your art is absolutely insane

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May I use this as a background for my Track on YouTube? (non commercial)
Of course you will be credited.
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Hey, sure, go ahead
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Thank you very much !
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Peer.... you shouldn't have come here.
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I can hear Grieg, you're amazing.
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Oooooooo dis is creepy and cool! Nice!
This is one of the few classic music pieces I can recognize and I think most people can too, even if they don't know what it is called. I have never read Peer Gynt, so I do not know what it is about. But this is a nice moody piece. It would be cool if the play had anything like this! You made this all the way back in 2012. Do you ever revisit older stuff, or is it just practice? It is a cool concept. You have a lot of them. I hope you put them to good use someday! :)
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This piece has been featured(with you being credited) here:…
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Ah nice, sounds cool :D
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Found this piece of yours through this video.

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reminds me of berserk ♥
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Ohhh I like the atmosphere
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This painting is great. This would make a good bossfight
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Faarr... Away... In a land caught between time and space.
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*diggy diggy hole plays in the background*
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never what I see when I hear this song.
I see...
a lot of weird stuff.
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tut tut tut tut TUtuTUT TUtuTUT TUtuTUT...

god dammit
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awesome! this would make a good boss fight!
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