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Just something random I played with

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I guess that's why Superman never stays dead in his comics...

Very cool, good job!

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DreamKeeperArtsHobbyist General Artist

Great work!

This... this is what I imagine X-Men's Cyclops would be able to do if his head didn't get bashed as a kid and he could control his power properly... this, and making it ricochet in any direction he wanted... but yeah. This.

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Elemento11 Digital Artist

very cold-ish!

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LilaYanHobbyist Traditional Artist

Stunningly powerful.

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LugbzurgHobbyist General Artist

Don't worry. He has your back!

Oh, wait...

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RinnGStudent Traditional Artist
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tahmeebooHobbyist Digital Artist

Okay, no lore this time, but just saying: Losing a horn SUCKS. it hurts like all Hell and it never stops bleeding. EVER. oh right and that demon would've died in a couple decades anyways even without that guy to help. just sayin.

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ChrisColdProfessional Digital Artist
Hey, glad you are interested in my work, I very much appreciate it, and the comments, you have a lot of creativity flowing through you :)
I wish you best of luck with your writing and stories
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tahmeebooHobbyist Digital Artist

thanks. honestly it all comes from my dreams. I've mentioned it several times already but i actually explore the Five Hells (mostly the Black Kingdom) when i go to sleep. it's...actually pretty damn terrifying having to be up close to many of the old guardians that guard the ruins of the Black Kingdom. And I still have yet to figure out just what exactly happened to the Hells. Hopefully i figure it out in future dreams. but many of the tablets i find have information either intentionally missing...or are incomplete for one reason or another. A common reason for it is that the supposed author from the dream died before being able to finish documenting their perspective. it can get downright maddenning. most of what i've written on your art is just months worth of knowledge i've found from these dreams. (the first couple weeks was mostly just me running from Kzhvarli before realizing they have to stay within a certain "area" generally a room. oh and also trying to figure out what the hell the multitudes of writing and hieroglyphics in the temples and ruins meant cuz none of it is in english. I'm still unsure if i translate things correctly and it's been 56 months since these dreams started.)

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
this just looks AWESOME :la:
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Cool work! :clap: 
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lsharte Digital Artist
Muy bueno.
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FallenChocoCookieProfessional Digital Artist

A cool idea.

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I think someone once said, a true hero can kill with a stare. 

Quite literal, it seems.
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It’s a pizza of action. Watch his fillings fly

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Niky94Hobbyist General Artist
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Looks like something out of Mob Psycho if it took the action horror route instead.
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Emmaj26Professional Writer

I saw this and thought "F**k yes!"

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Nice work!
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shrasik Digital Artist
wow! great work
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