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Oh well,
a ship/structure built around a sun.

it's not really a circle, which might explain the weird shape and perspective (excuses, excuses xD)

but anyway, hope you like it :P
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After the initial "oh WOW" has worn off most of you may look at this and start to realise that this is, in fact, the sun.
For those of you who didn't have to redo a year (or two) at school it's obvious that the sun is incomprehensibly hot.
The intention of this piece is clear, yet the logic fails a little.

As with many of *ChrisCold's pieces the artist's comments section is a little neglected. This is something that scars even the most impressive art pieces I've seen as the entire concept and/or intention of the piece is reflected by nothing more than the title itself. Although this doesn't matter all that much it's a bit of a shame to see a piece that has so much potential let down due to the lack of a brief explanation.

The sun emits energy. The energy can be gathered. A simple concept that has been expressed in many ways but very rarely in a way that involves structures so close to the sun itself.

Many of *ChrisCold's pieces have a sketchy feel with a recurring sci-fi/fantasy theme. What sets this deviant's work apart from most sketchy pieces is the attention to detail which gives it a very charming and alluring feel. The space itself seems a little more like a sky scene, making the entire piece seem a little out of place. This isn't helped by the placement and look of the planet south-south west of the sun itself. The overall angle gives the piece the orbiting feel it deserve yet the perspectives are out of place. The scale of structure itself relative to the sun (assuming this is OUR sun) doesn't make sense as well as the shape, which looks like neither a full circle or a tight G type broken ring. The contrasts don't seem to make sense with the sun being as bright as it is and the structure being so close to it.

The overall impact is quite powerful indeed. You can quite easily forgive the flaws of the piece that have been kindly pointed out by someone who is far too pedantic for his own good. The colours are very alluring and the detail is quite precise. Despite the scales being a little disappointing, the structure itself is very impressive. As with almost every piece *ChrisCold has made I'm left in awe and glad I watched.

Despite the flaws in execution, this piece is fantastic. Almost every logical flaw could be defended or justified through a description in the artists comment box which would be hard to argue against with *ChrisCold's obvious love for fantasy being such a strong base to his work.

Despite this critique being a little harsh and unjust I'd like to end by saying that this concept is very nice, but VERY difficult to pull off. I'm still left admiring *ChrisCold's talent and will continue watching eagerly <img src="…" width="19" height="19" alt=":la:" title="La la la la"/>