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"You have called, mortals, and We have answered. At, might We add, non-trivial inconvenience to Ourselves.

This Better Be Important."

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Isn't it the Illustration of the Deathless Triumvirat for Invisible Sun ? :thinking:
Loving it anyway !
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yeah it was done for invisible sun
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I thought so ! Love how it render on the artbook, i'm glad to realize i have some of your art at home

I highly appriciate your article.Please visit<a href="">Data HK</a> and enjoy.

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Your art never ceases to amaze me. It simultaneously makes me want to quit art and want to get better.

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Glad you like it :)
Just keep going and see where it leads you, doing anything artistic is worthwhile even just as a hobby compared to most other things, you can only gain by practicing it.
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oooh my entities!!!!!!
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Great work Chris

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Pretty sick stuff mate!

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I crown thee the king of fading fog.
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Ooooh! creepy (OwO)
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Aha! Another encounter with demon gods summoned from the pits of Hell, eh? Great pic. Well done, sir!

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"Three tickets for Joker please"
that encounter is clearly an Challenge rating of GTFO!
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