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Concept work for the FS project.
More artworks can be found exclusively in #Psycho-Logics

More info coming soon.
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this puts the death star docking station to shame lol.
Wow, like  point nadir. This is an amazing local <3
Hunter-Wolf's avatar
*Jaw drops*

*puts jaw back in place*

Wow .. really love the sense of scale and how little brush strokes give the impression of a complex construction ... the effect of that double star light looks impressive too .. specially how their light bleeds into the dark side of the planet facing the dock (lens flare effect i suppose XD).
zwijamzabawki's avatar
I love the atmosphere in this one
RedTreeKangaroo's avatar
God, your work is beautiful! I love the colors and the depth in it! :)
Larrylanze's avatar
featured on my page x3
ShadowedAcolyte's avatar
I really like how this evokes both a hypermodern (ships, sun, etc) and hyperancient (ruins, columns, redstone) feel at the same time, and presents those concepts as simultaneous and non-exclusive. The only criticism I have is that the space outside the dock seems to be almost unrealistically full of stuff.
SilentArtists's avatar
Can i use this in a nonprofit video i am working on? Credit will be given if you want to
ChrisCold's avatar
Yeah sure, if you credit me it's fine
SilentArtists's avatar
As mentioned I will :)
Kirue's avatar
Awesome view
Nice work :clap:
TKek's avatar
Is it a space station or a cap ship? That structure looks huge and like some dark technology forge. Wow. Like right from a film's storybook.

JEHUTY-V2's avatar
nice, I like the 1px lines on the floor.
ChrisCold's avatar
Originally they were not really 1 pixel lines though, more like 5-10 pixels. They are just thin because i sized down the image
cr0z3r's avatar
i find it amazing how you stroke around - and you design with detail, yet when you zoom in i see all the brushes - and out of that, you create black holes, star-ships, planets and i don't know what shit.

keep it up.
AkitoSouma's avatar
Both gorgeous and intimidating. And I love how there's a kind of eclipse going on there, that's like the centerpiece providing the whole epic feel. ^^
nekra6099's avatar
I'd like to dock my interstellar star ship there one day!
tadp0l3's avatar
Looks really great ChrisCold!
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