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Call of the Black Sun

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Wonderful. *Hums the beginning of Blackstar*
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Chris, your landscapes are amazing.
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thank you :)
glad you like them
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My favorite so far.

"Black - The flame shall never die
It will burn to ash the cosmic lie"
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Glad you like that one :)
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I like the contrast of scale with the focus onto the character. The proximity of the scenery on the right leading out to the distance on the left. With the offset of those elements the eye is quite naturally led in that direction. It then creates an interesting effect with the character's precarious position, making the scene as dynamic as his stance, and I think adding grandeur.
LilaYan's avatar
Such epic pieces.
Brandoch-Daha's avatar
Beautiful and ominous
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Stunning! It gives me a feeling like it belongs in the book 'A Space Odyssey'.
PointLineArea's avatar
Casper David (not so much) Friedrich - The Monk by the end of the World!

Well done! :)
fiorinosulaco's avatar
I like the sense of despair and loneliness, and the colors show these feelings in a strong way.
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My first thought was the tutorial location in Dark Souls 2 - the light, colors, mood...
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As a magic the gathering player the first thing that jumped to mind was that guy is casting damnation. That or someone else cast it and he's going all planet of the apes. "You fools you blew it all up!"
I5Spiders's avatar
I love Black Sun stuff right now. This is amazing :)
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What a superb atmosphere. It really draws me in!
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I love the control over light and dark here! Almost like a Velazquez, using light to emphasize the subject out of darkness. 
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Very interesting :)
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Reminds me of "Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun" ,Awesome picture!
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