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Call Of Cthulhu

By ChrisCold
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Metallica + Lovecraft

So, people just keep asking if I have videos of my painting process, so I started recording again...
Anyway, this is the first one for now, you can find it here:

And to any hardcore Lovecraft fans: yes, I am aware that this doesn't exactly fit the description of Cthulhu or the story itself. No need to tell me.

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I fucking love this 
it looks like he's giving him the bird xD
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Cthulhu seems like half creature, half tumour. Almost like half of it has been turned inside out.
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most of your works have an air lovecrftnian... i read all the books of HP :). I recommend you Lustmord he has the best music to acclimate this type of works and helps me write my stories.
Have a nice day.
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Yeah, sounds very nice and dark,
good luck with your stories too :)
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Love the Lovecraft dedication to Cthulhu, I want to see more.
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thank you, glad you like my work :)
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fucking radical
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Your interpretation actually may be accurate, because Cthulhu is a multi-dimensional being and his form is actually different to everybody, and that's how you perceive it.
The only reason that his form is so infamous is because when Lovecraft described him, he was giving the description from someone who saw Cthulhu and that's how that character perceived him.
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That seem pretty accurate
Skipper-doodle1's avatar
Woah O_O Scary. lol Your interpretation is great.
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great vid., music  and painting!!!!
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I like Metallica. Call of Ktulu and Thing That Should Not Be inspired me to buy a collection of HP Lovecraft short stories. I read Call of Cthulhu two days ago.
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And when you've finished waving that blue thing around, tell Cthulhu to stop leaving wet footprints all over the place. That may be acceptable in R'lyeh, but if he wants to be welcome in Fairport again he'd better learn to clean up after himself.
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You'r so welcome! :dummy:
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looks awesome, and i don't think The Elder ones are really bound to one form.
XxKyramxX's avatar
Amazing as always!
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This is a very nice:) (Smile) 
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The Coon and Friends
nikolayhranov's avatar
hell yeah, I might do one for "The Thing that should not be"

Epic stuff mate! Loving it!
ChrisCold's avatar
cool :D

glad you liked mine
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This picture is amazing. So much mystery. Where are they? How was the beast awakened? Who is that lad and what power does his blue glowing instrument possess?
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