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Black Stone

By ChrisCold
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When Armadillasmoke returned to the scene of her first Grand Wizard Fight after almost a hundred and sixteen years, some of the pointed stones her opponent had used against her were still falling, ever so slowly. She had won several tougher fights, against trickier opponents, with greater rewards and more lives saved (or ruined, depending on how you looked at it), but never again had she achieved quite that measure of complete surprise.

As she stood in the stiff breeze and watched them creep slowly downward, she realised with a bit of a start that the last of the rocks would hit the ground in a few months more, at most. Her grandchildren had arranged for the tourist crowds to be kept away for the day. Armadillagleam, her eldest surviving grandson, had insisted she should visit the old Arena; just once, he'd pleaded.

She sighed. She knew now why he had insisted. It was time to cast off her grandmotherly role and go back to the Arenas. Aardvarchaos needed defeating. Others could do it, but they would take time. More time than was fair to the world.

She gathered her smoke cloak to herself and resolutely turned her back to the Black Stone.

Armadillagleam suddenly smiled at his cousins as they waited outside the valley. "I can hear her cracking her knuckles."

The younger ones looked perplexed, but the older ones smiled or even laughed as they relaxed for the first time in decades. They knew what that meant.
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This is great. I don't read as much as I should, but, if this was on a book cover, I'd be handing over my cash.
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I can't describe how much this inspires me. From the solid blackness of it to the subtle markins, to the vast landscape that it doinates, I really love it.
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ChrisColdProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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I like the distant planet. It's like some sort of futuristic sci-fi LOTR
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Isengard perhaps?
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IanzenHobbyist Digital Artist
I always wanted to write a novel with something like this in it! Completely awe-inspiring.
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mmmm racist x3
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immense monolite!
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Frozx398Student Traditional Artist
ohhh thats wicked!!!
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Cruzat0rStudent General Artist
That is amazing in so many ways! Love the detail!
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Thought I would have to comment on this superb image, because it (quite by coincidence), illustrates perfectly a scene from a long fantasy story/novel I wrote as a kid. Seeing this has inspired me to get back into writing: well done, Chris!

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Reminds me of ancient astronaut theories.
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well, this is the way i see The Lord of the Rings;)
Pardon me if my comment provokes vomit (dunno)
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ChrisColdProfessional Digital Artist
haha, why would it :P
it's rather interesting, i didn't think it was similar to lord of the rings, perhaps an alternative version of it
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well, you never know.:shrug: Especially considering the fact that your art really has nothing to do with Lord of the rings,:XD: so, it’s possible you hate everything associated with it….i’m glad this is not the case. Anyhow, this particular picture somehow reminds me of scene where Frodo Sam and the Tree (that giant alike tree) arrive at the Saruman’s tower – something similar just better, ‘cause in your picture the atmosphere is way more hopeless (?) As I don’t know have you seen the movie, maybe this doesn’t make any sense, but that’s what I was reminded of when saw this piece:)
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PeterkatHobbyist General Artist
Looks cool!
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Aeon-LuxProfessional Digital Artist
I hate you... :P
another awesome work Chris... You're a very talented artist mate ...
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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
nice. You simply mastered the spectacular views ;D
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It's amazing ~♥ The tower reminds me of Lunatic Pandora from Final Fantasy VIII, but I like yours more ;)
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Is this straight out of your imagination or inspired by some book/show? It's awesome in any case
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