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Asteroid Mega Pack 01

They look better when you download them :P


edit 2012:
i've noticed that some people still use this (which is absolutely ok if you want to do so), however it's a really old stock and there are way better options out there. like these, for example:


and many more, of course, also free to use.
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Thanks for posting. This helped with Creo, Ergo Sum,


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Hello! I used your wonderful stock image in my digital art, thanks!

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used your stock here :  Wolf by thornevald   thank's !
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Thanks, again, for posting. This helped with Stairway to Paradise

My coloured version of Eshva’s Line Art, The Merry Glorious [2008]


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Thanks, again.

This helped with Escape Velocity; my coloured version of Nehis’s Line Art: Failed Future and Line Art: BRS.


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Thanks, again, for posting. This was used in The Explorer At The Event Horizon, a tribute to Dr. Stephen Hawking. :thanks: 
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Orions Galaxy by nealbing
Used here. Thanks for the great stock. :)
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Used your stock here!
The Gatekeeper by elphadora
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