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A dying world

A concept sketch for the FS project.
More artworks can be found exclusively in #Psycho-Logics

More info coming soon
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heres a song that matches this image atmosphere.…
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Amazign work .. the huge debris and the dusk-like sun create the perfect atmosphere for the dying world .. marvelous ^_^
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You have a certain style and theme going on in your conceptual sci-fi pieces.

shoutsandwhispers's avatar
Your work has been featured in this news article[link] :D
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You're very welcome:D
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Amazing, lovely colors! :D

A-Real-Shame's avatar
have you ever played EVE? bc that's all i can think of when i look at this...
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Wow, this blows my mind. I love the colors, they're simply breathtaking. And it has this huge, powerful, and kind of spiritual feel to it... kind of like a combination of one of the ending scenes in The Neverending Story (where the Nothing has taken over, and all the pieces of Fantasia are just floating in space), and Star Wars. Unbelievably cool, I just love everything about it. :D
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reminds me of the atmosphere in homeworld2 :)

damn man, i love all your work, you have serious talent! please show us more :D
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I love how you always know just how to set the scene
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incredible, but, the large object on the left gives a heavy solid realistic feel to its immense size as opposed to the large object on the right looks a little blurry and doesn't have weight to it so much, its is truly epic though, perfect aesthetics with placement & perfect colouring like a gas-cloud-nebula
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Thanks a lot, :)
yeah i see your points, once we're finished with doing concept work for the project i'm going to work more on some illustrations.
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I think You should add more yellow, cause it's too much of red xD
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Beautiful work. It immediately reminded me of the 50,000 strong sargasso of derelict moon sized spaceships in David Brin's "Startide Rising"
Zeltor's avatar
A dying world made me instantly think Never Ending Story!
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Here's the way Battlestar Galactica should have ended before the crappy finale we got instead. Awesome use of focal point with the star as the primary source of light and color.
arisechicken117's avatar
i like those little drones floating around. nice work!
Tr1umph's avatar
Wow.. One of best from you, Chris! Absolutely fav!
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Never in such a way have I seen such a destructive element in action that is both immersive and foreboading as this. The scraps of metal from the destroyed remains of the starships look great especially in that lighting. Great work as always Chris.
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