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Lin'Zee Starshine

This is a bit of fan art for The Wonders of The Universe!
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Truely spectacular. The lighting on the wonders in the background draws my attention along with the detail on the ship itself. Might have to convince someone to do some extra design work :p

lin'zee herself is...herself! i suspect this picture will be referenced often as a go-to for her character. love the shading on her hair.

also love the purples and oranges used for the smokey effects of the nebula. the starfield is encapsulating, i can't tell if it's drawn or taken from NASA's sizable archives!

A phenomenal piece, you should be proud!
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I originally drew a starfield, but the placement of the stars seemed too orderly. I scrapped it and used an actual picture. There are two different star fields: One for the void of space and one on the nebula's edge.
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That's freaking awesome.