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League of Legends s3 Katarina

Fanart for League of Legends, hope you dig! :D
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Kind of reminds me of an evil facial expression you'd see out of Orochimaru. I dig this
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I definitely do dig!
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Amazing stuff man
Could we dl this pic without the credit ? :3
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Too many people has stolen and sold it so, no.
Wow, she seems really mad. Great work
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Thanks a lot! :)
It's cool, great art man !
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Amazing! /(・ × ・)\
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Tongue on point
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In my opinion this is the best Katarina drawing. I can really feel her character in this one
Nice! Looks like orochimaru! :D
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OMG this is how Katarina should look like, from Noxus!
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Wonderful work! Could I use it as a thumbnail for a story? It matches Katarina so well x]
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I am really torn on this one, on one hand I feel like Katarina should feel more dignified and look more normal...But then again her personality is fitting of this "Evil Chick" persona, the king which makes her looks like a sadistic killer. Agh, it's hard to decide. 
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Katarina, my favourite character *-* I really like the atmosphere of your drawing :3
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Thank you so much! :) She used to be my favorite too!
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