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League of Legends: Vi, Piltover Enforcer

Fanart of Vi, love her design.

Now on facebook!
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I'm new to deviantart, so how can I delete the watermark? Want to have it as wallpaper dunno if its possible to delete though.
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Because people kept removing the watermark and selling it without legal authority I have decided to leave it watermarked.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Can't I buy it from you?
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this. is. amazing.
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Thank you so much! :D
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Yep I'm gonna follow
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I found it because of James Zapata and man, totaly liking jinx even more. This pose is greatly nailed and what a lithning. Really good
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Same. If he hadn't shared it, I wouldn't have seen this.
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omg this is amazing
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Now, Ziggs knows a few things about how to get Jinxed
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#BombsAway :3
fucking amazing-- love the characters... and the colors the idea the setting! wow man sweet job!
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Hey, thanks a lot. I'm so happy people like it!
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Prepare yourself fat-hands !!
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