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Landscape tutorial

Alright, so.

Here's how I go about painting a quick sketch/impressionistic scenery/landscape painting.

And now you can do it too.

Remember- the more time you spend on it, the better it'll look!
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I love this. I'm curious how you made the document and what the resolution is. Very clean
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Step one: Be able to paint.

Great tutorial! I'm going to try it out, hopefully my mountains don't look like blobs <3 
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AWESOME, thanks so much for sharing these!
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Painted using your tutorial! Thanks so much!
Draconic horizons by NetRaptor
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These tips have been really useful and I've done my own version based on this WIP. I've turned it into a fanart. Here:
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This is really helpful! Thanks.
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Interesting of working from back to front and layering the items on the artwork. Very interesting light to dark also. Thank you for taking your time to create this tutorial.
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Very nice tutorial! I'm having so much problems while trying to paint landscapes, I always give up :/
This tutorial might help though, thanks!
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Suppppperb tut !

*LA fin ;)
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Thanks for the tutorial! I still have some things to figure out but this was very helpful.…
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Thanks for putting this together!
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Epic job, I can't wait to try this out~ :D 
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Oh thank you so much for this helpful tutorial, mate. ;__;
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This is amazing, so beautiful, thank you so so much for this, I feel like this will help me so so much. I'll share a link if i ever make something worth sharing :heart: amazing <3
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Nice little tut here, it will definitely help me in trying to figure landscape painting out hurray!
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Hehe, I'm glad you like it!
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Beautiful job! Photoshop, correct?
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Awesome! Thank you.
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Made this after following: [link]

You can see where the magic is missing ;p How do you get the sky 'clear' by the end? I understand the process at the beginning (rough then up), and I can manage about half way, but getting that feeling of crystal clear quality is just alluding me, do you have any suggestions? Or is just an illusion caused by detailing in the foreground?

I'll keep trying. But thanks for this tutorial, it's one of the better landscape ones to follow!
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I'm not sure what you mean by clear quality.
If you mean the hard edges I just used a lasso tool for some of the peaks and a hardbrush for the others.

The sky is just a gradient and everything is layered on top of it. I take note to not paint outside of whatever the object is that I'm painting, like the mountains, I paint the edges and then paint inside those edges, never picking color or painting on the sky behind it. If I have to then I go back to the sky layer and paint it in.

Thanks, I wish you the best.
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