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Just made some folders for you guys so it might be easier to find the things you're looks for! I don't have too many folders yet though; pokemon, meme, games, cartoons, disney and random... If I've placed something wrong, or you think I need a new folder for some of my work then please let me know :D
Ok, so I went to the toystore yesterday to get some hama beads, and I spent way to much money, haha! I spent 229 NOK, on:
2 x blue (09), 1 x Green (10), 2 x Black (18), 1 x Dark Brown (12), 1 x white (01), 1 x beige (27), 1 x Cream White (looks like a very pale yellow), 1 x flesh (26), 1 x light/pastel blue (46) and an other pegboard!

And I also bought 3 x white (01), 2 x yellow (03) and 1 x green (10) earier this week! I really have to slow down, I'm spending all of my money on these things xD
I'm running out of some colours, again! I have to go to the store, but it really annoys me when the prices is so diffent! If I go to the toystore, it's 19.00 NOK for a bag og 1000 beads, and  if I go to Sparkjøp it's 11.50 NOK instead! That's over a $1 diffence for you non-norwegians out there...

I bought some colours yesterday too; 3 x white, 2 x yellow and a pastel mix bag.... Now I need more black, light blue, blue, green etc! And I wish I had somewhere with a better colour-selection around here too... I mean, I have the shade tan, and then the darkest brown colours avaliable, but nothing in between, and it sucks!
I have to go to Oslo to pick up the other colours at Panduro there...