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Victorian Inspector Gadget

By chrisbeaver
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(uploaded as traditional since the tones were just 10 minutes to slap over an altogether more intricate pencil-drawing)

You can tell me that a steampunk Inspector Gadget reboot wouldn't be the best thing on TV, and I won't believe you :D

Scarlet-red animation pencil, printer paper, and 10 minutes of postwork in Photoshop 7.
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If this were a TV show, I'd so watch it!
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He looks like a more comically-serious kind of Gadget, and also seems a good deal smarter. But that may just be the monocle working its magic.
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I like it and I agree this would be an great reboot (heck, Penny can be a blonde Sherlock Holmes). The funny thing is, I imagined a Middle Ages Gadget while playing the game Darksiders II with Penny armed with a fancy gauntlet and a shape-changing Brain.
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Um...nah. A *real* steampunk Gadget is just a step too far. However, if you were to set it in an intentionally-steampunk future, THEN I'd believe you.
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Concepts like these are why I'm following the New-Looks-4-All-group *A* Ahh, too good.
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steampunk gadget! awesome concept!
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quite unique i like it alot i would love to see it with more color though if u dont mind me asking but other than that is really good
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Thanks! I don't foresee having the time to go back and color this anytime soon, although I like to think that if I come back to this it'll be with a whole new drawing :)
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ight man i like the idea of it being a whole new drawing like u said will it be the same theme or would u change it up that's my question
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Same theme, indeed -- I just feel like now I could probably do more with it than I could then.
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oh okay from one artist to another i wish best of luck
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That's an excellent artwork piece, except that your misspelling ruined it all. I hate to be the first to point it out.
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This is really cool.
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That is a great idea.:)
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Thanks! I like to think it'd be pretty cool; I only wish I had the time and the rights to do something with it :D
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1) The art. Is amazing. Damn.
2) I want this to happen. I want this to be real so bad it hurts.
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Phoncible… Herionymous… GADGET!?!? Well, the "Victorian" period worked for Sherlock Holmes, so I guess it could work for Gadget, too! :-)

(I still don't know how Phoncible is pronounced…)
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(calmly) Go, Mr. Gadget. Go.
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Brilliant work.
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Cool! Awesome take on him!
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Truly epic. Steampunk Gadget would be delightful.
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Agreed; I still love the idea :D I hope I can find the time to come back to it someday.
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Would love to see the Gadget carriage!Mechanical horse an all!!! Brilliant Chris!
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