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Star Wars Punisher

This is something drawn for a contest winner at [link] ; he won the challenge and requested from me a picture of a Punisher-like character in the Star Wars universe for a story he was writing. This is the result.

Pencil and Photoshop 7, 3 days' actual work. I was expecting this to take longer but it was really fun to paint.

Star Wars and associated subjects (c) Goerge Lucas and 20th Century Fox, Punisher (c) Marvel. Yeeeh, my ass is covered.
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Alex130198Ferrana's avatar

He wears Stormtrooper's armor?

Son-of-Dromund-Kaas's avatar

The war was never over for him.

ThatGuyWhoHasATank's avatar
Very interesting! I would love to see some of the rest of the Marvel universe like this
Ashofthewilliams's avatar
maybe by rule of cool, his aim has become semi-good?
Alex130198Ferrana's avatar

Nah, Punisher's aim is great even with that outfit.

multificionado's avatar
Looks like ONE Stormtrooper who's not as easy to take down. :D
ThatGuyWhoHasATank's avatar
A Stormtrooper that can actually hit something!?
Alex130198Ferrana's avatar

And be a decent hand-to-hand fighter too.

multificionado's avatar
Yeah, a Stormtrooper who can not only actually hit something, but deliver the hurt big time.
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nazothedark8756's avatar
how did i get to this from typing in star fox O_O
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Platypus1973's avatar
I Like the "Blade Runner" side of the illustration : dark streets, tense atmosphere. The ambush is ready...
Very nice!! How would it look in black storm commando armor?
ka385385's avatar
Every blaster flash means one more monster gone..
killjoySG's avatar
Thats cool and all......but he is still a clone trooper, so he'll never hit anything......
LuminaBalderson's avatar
Clones are VERY good shots; Stormtroopers aren't.
There's a difference.
killjoySG's avatar
But aren't they the same clones?
LuminaBalderson's avatar
Stormtroopers aren't clones.
They're recruits.
killjoySG's avatar
But aren't they still the Clone Army?
LuminaBalderson's avatar
Nope. They're not.
darthozaga's avatar
Love how you used the Joker Squad helm for him :D
MdoubleO's avatar
So i love star wars and ever since i joined the u.s. army i have a this immense passion for storm troopers and commandos. But this totally falls in to line with what i know about the military. Smaller units often give themselves call signs to go by over communications, not us but the unit next to me is known as the punishers. In my mind this could very well be one soldier apart of a punisher squad.
AdenSkirata's avatar
Why is the Punisher entity wearing Storm Trooper armor? You DO know that that stuff does zilch to stop
weapons, right? If you want him armored, go with Mandalorian Beskar'gam, that stuff can take a direct hit from a turbolaser.
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