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gCons - Icon Set

Decided to just release the 80 which I have done so far, enjoy.
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Lovely. Very nice work.
Hi Chris! Veeery well done... how about a "Voice Search" icon?
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I decided to make your icon as my rom icon ~ thank you ~
thanks bro this is intensely good
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These are amazing! Is a PSD available?
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Very nice indeed!
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I love "flat" squared icons, awesome!
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Excellent Icon Set! I would like to use it in my Holo Launcher.... 
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Thank you so much!
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Nice icon set :D
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Amazing set, shared :peace:
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Love how you used the HTC One as the phone icon :boogie:
I love that phone (I own it :D)
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Thanks, the on seemed a prefect shape for the icon style.
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Used here [link] and linked back to you bro.
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These are awesome icons! Your work is very good, and these icons where exactly what I was looking for :). My only gripe is that there are not more of them, are you planing on making more? If so I would like to request a Steam icon :).

Again, great work!
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You sir, are awesome.
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Oh man ! Thank you !
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